Dino Clopman's Adventures in Planes is an upcoming spinoff film by Dinoco95. It's unknown if it will be shown on YouTube.


Still in the vehicle-verse, the DinoAdventure Squad visit a town called Propwash Junction, and meet a crop-dusting plane named Dusty. He dreams of being in the most exciting around-the-world air race ever. However, he's not built for racing and he's, ironically, scared of heights. So Dino and his friends help Dusty prepare for the race, with the help of a naval aviator named Skipper. Dino, Leonidas, MattLin, and Jenny decide to fly in the race as well, and compete against Ripslinger, the defending champion, whom a changling and his brainwashed Gargonoid work for.


  • This is the third entry in Dinoco95's World of Cars arc.

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