Here is how Discord's playtime with the royal twins and Discord and Catrina's baby talk goes in Discord Baby Blues.

At the Royal meeting.

Hiro: Well, Discord has became our friend now that he's not causing anymore chaos in Equestria.

Prince Isamu: (opens his mouth for cinnamon applesause)

Princess Luna: (gets Isamu fed) There you go, Isamu. All gone.

Prince Isamu: (gargling)

Duck: I wonder how Discord and Catrina are doing with Indy and Anna.

Princess Celestia: I'm sure they're doing just fine, Duck.

Basil: So, Titanic. What do you and your sisters suggest?

Titanic: I suggest we have a banquet in his honor.

Olympic: That way, We'll know what great things he has for us.

Britannic: And that how he knows about Friendship.

Titanic II: The way Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends does.

Babar: Not a bad idea.

Titanic: I'm glad you think so, King Babar.

Duck: Then, It's decided.

Prince Isamu: (embraces his mother)

Princess Luna: Mama loves you too, My darling. (kissed her baby)

With Discord, Catrina and the twins.

Catrina: (finished changing the twins' diapers) There now, All done.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (laughing)

Discord: Let's play a game.

Prince Indy: (gurgling)

Princess Anna: (gurgling)

Catrina: (throws Indy up in the air) Ups-a-Daisy! Ups-a-Daisy! Ups-a-Daisy!

Prince Indy: (laughing)

Catrina: Your turn, Anna. (throws Anna up in the air) Ups-a-Daisy! Ups-a-Daisy! Ups-a-Daisy!

Princess Anna: (laughing)

Discord: My turn. (juggling the twins)

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (laughing)

Meanwhile, Princess Yuna and her friends went to see Princess Titanic.

Princess Yuna: Hey, Titanic.

Titanic: Hello, Little ones. what brings you all here?

Snowdrop: We want to know how you, Duchess Britannic, Queen Olympic and Empress Titanic II were together.

Titanic: It was Princess Celestia who had given us life and made us ponies.

Princess Skyla: Really?

Titanic: Yes.

The Foals: Whoa.

With Discord and Catrina.

Discord: Catrina?

Catrina: Yes, Discord?

Discord: We need to talk.

Catrina: What is it?

Discord: Well, I was thinking about what it's like about having kids of our own.

Catrina: So have I.

Discord: Really?

Catrina: Yes. Because children are my life.

Discord: Great to hear. Catrina, Before anything else happen. I have one thing to ask you.

Catrina: Yes?

Discord: (brings a ring out) Catrina, You are the most important feline of my life. Will you marry me?

Catrina: Yes! I will merry you, Discord!

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