Here is how Discord and Catrina's engagement party goes in Discord Baby Blues.

At the party, Everyone is having fun.

Prince Isamu: (fusses over Titanic)

Princess Luna: What's that, Isamu. You want Titanic to hold you?

Prince Isamu: (keeps fussing)

Titanic: (holding Isamu) Hello, Isamu. Aren't you just precious?

Discord: Isn't this a wonderful Engagement Party, Catrina?

Catrina: It certainly is, Discord.

Princess Yuna: Discord, Catrina, My friends and I had a present for you.

Discord: Really? What is it?

Princess Yuna: An Origami of you and Catrina with Indy and Anna.

Catrina: How lovely!

Discord: We love it. Thank you.

Catrina: We will treasure this gift of yours, Always.

Prince Indy: (loves that Origami)

Princess Celestia: You two love it too?

Princess Anna: (loves that Origami)

Duck: Guess that's a yes.

                                                                                  The End

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