Here's how Discord and Catrina spends sometime with the twins and Outing time goes in Discord Baby Blues.

Princess Yuna: Look, Aunt Celestia. The Newspaper shows the cover of Discord saving Indy and Anna.

Snowdrop: He must be really kind. Isn't he, Celestia?

Princess Celestia: I'll bet he was. Especially to Fluttershy.

Prince Indy: (reflecting on Celestia's mirror)

Princess Celestia: You like Discord. Do you, Anna?

Princess Anna: (liking of Discord in the Newspaper)

Titanic: Isamu is just adorable. (blows his belly)

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Princess Luna: Titanic, You sure have a way with foals.


Wiggins: Presenting, Catrina!

Catrina: Hello.

Discord: (popping out of the newspaper) Surprised!

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (laughs)

Prince Isamu: (fuses over his mother)

Princess Luna: (takes back Isamu from Titanic) Come now, Isamu. You know I still love you. (kissed his cheek)

Discord: Hello, Celestia, Hello, Duck. Catrina and I just drop by to see how Indy and Anna are doing.

Princess Celestia: They're doing just fine, Discord.

Duck: We just like to say thanks again for saving them from the Mammoths. It's a good thing Catrina and Fluttershy calmed them down.

Discord: Thank nothing of it, Duck. Can Catrina and I watch the little cuties? We just love to look at their adorable faces.

Princess Celestia: I see no reason why not.

Duck: We're just on our way to the royal meeting anyway.

Catrina: Don't worry about a thing. We'll take very good care of them. (kissed the twins)

Princess Yuna: Okay. Come on, Snowdrop. Let's go play with our friends.

Snowdrop: Okay.

Titanic: We have a meeting to attend to.

Britannic: Of course, Sister.

Titanic: We're off.

Princess Yuna: We won't be long, Discord.

Discord: Have fun. (looks at Indy and Anna) Are you two ready for some fun with Uncle Discord and Auntie Catrina?

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (nodded)

Catrina: I thought so.

Meanwhile, Yuna and her friends .

Nyx: Let's play I spy.

Princess Yuna: Let's begin. Shall we?

Zeñorita Cebra: Okay.

Snowdrop: You go first, Skyla

Princess Skyla: I spy with my little eye something glassy.

Prince Edmond: Mirrors?

Princess Skyla: No.

Princess Yuna: Chandeliers?

Princess Skyla: Nope.

Pound Cake: Crystals?

Pumpkin Cake: Diamonds?

Princess Skyla: You both got it.

Pound Cake: We win!

Pumpkin Cake: Yeah!

Roger: D'OH!

Princess Yuna: What should we do next?

Snowdrop: I wonder how did Titanic, Olympic, Britannic and Titanic II were like sisters.

Round Up: Why don't we go ask them?

Princess Yuna: Great idea.

Judy: Let's go.

Meanwhile, Discord and Catrina took Indy and Anna out for a stroll.

Discord: Isn't it nice taking them on a stroll around Ponyville, Catrina?

Catrina: Yes indeed, Discord.

Prince Indy: (fusses over ice cream)

Princess Anna: (fusses over the pigeons)

Discord: Looks like Indy wanted Ice Cream.

Catrina: And Anna wants to see some pigeons.

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (keeps fussing)

Discord: Okay. We'll take you.

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