Here's how discovering Nightstar goes in The Day the Griffin's Came Part 1.

[Everyone is soon asleep. but Brian is up and sees Yuna carrying a basket of fish]

Brian: What is she doing with that fish? [follows closely behind]

[Then, he opens a courtant revealing Nightstar!]

Brian: [gasp] A NIGHT FURY!!!

Yuna: Brian!

Brian: [gets a whip and muscles Nightstar] [blows horn] NIGHT FURY!!!

[the others then wake up]

[The royals wake up]

Brian: Everyone, the Equestrians are friends with the dragons!

[everyone gasps]

Brian: Fear not, we all know tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. So tomorrow, instead of having a turkey, we're gonna have a DRAGON!!!!!!!

Yuna: NO!!

[To Be Countinued....]

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