Here's where our heroes make their discovery in the desert and where they talk to the Buffalo Tribe goes in Wrath of the Century

[we return to our heroes now deep in the desert following the black horse]

Sherin: Hey, it stopped!

Leafeon: What's it doing?

Glaceon: I don't know, it's just standing there.

[then the black horse tips over and falls to the ground]

Tonto: [comes over to it and kicks it] Horse dead.

Brian: [walks over] Yeah, we can see that for ourselves. Now what do we do?

Tonto: [Looks around]

John Reid: We're lost, aren't we? I knew it! "Just Follow the Horse", that was your idea?! But, you can't talk to a dead horse, now can you? You know what? Let me try. [to the horse] Hello, uh if you could just point us to the right direction, we'll take it from here. (a few seconds of selience) What's that? NOTHING!!

Tonto: [feeds his crow]

Brian: Oh, this is just great! Now the villains are out there somewhere do God-knows-what to Anna, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance are Sith, and we're gonna die out here with you and that stupid bird!

Tonto: The girl, Anna. You wanna have child with her?

Brian: What? No! That's Elsa's sister! Our sister! You don't do that kind of thing!

Tonto: When you asleep, you spoke of her in a vision.

[as they are talking Evan notices something and goes over to it]

Brian: Well, some people can just say things when they're sleeping.

Tonto: Mmm.

[then they notice Evan looking at something]

Applejack: What in the hay are you lookin' at?

Evan: That.

[we see a dead changling with an arrow in it]

Vinny: What's that!?

Evan: [grabs the arrow and pulls it out] Big Grizz.

Brian: What?

Evan: This her' is one of Big Grizz's arrows.

Penny Ling: How can you tell?

Evan: look at the arrow head.

[we see it's made of gold]

Rarity: Gold!

Evan: Exactly, Big Grizz always uses gold to make his arrow heads.

Rattlesanke Jake: Well, why would he be out her'?

Apple Bloom: [brushes the ground and then she hits something] Huh? [she starts brushing some sand asside with her tail] Hey, Ah' think ah' found somethang'!

Brian: What is it?

Apple Bloom: Track!

Mordecai: Nah, it can't be. It's just a road.

Tonto: [takes out his knife and taps a rail] Train track.

[with the Crophoppers]

Sebeena: You're not lost are you? Train Tracks? I thought you were in Buffalo Tribe Territory.

Dusty: We were.

Ishani: But then...

[then we hear an arrow flying and then back in the story, an arrow hits Brian in the shoulder!]

Brian: AAH!! [faints]

[We then see elite Stormtroopers]

Elite Stormtroopers: No sign of them yet.

Saturn: Keep searching! We can't let them escape so easy!

Elite Stormtroopers: Wait, I think I found something!

[He runs up and sees a dead Apatosaurus]

Sideshow Bob: What the hell is that?

Elite Stromtrooper: It's an Apatosaurus, and they've killed it. They must be here somewhere. [then feels drool]

[then he looks up and sees Spino!]

Spinosaurus: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elite Stromtrooper: AHHH!!! [gets eaten]

[then from the forest the I-Rex appears!]

Elite Stromtroopers: IT CAN CAMOUFALGE!!!!

[They all fire but are beging slaughter at the same time, and they split a las Stormtrooper in 2]

Team Galactic grunt male: It riped one apart.

Sideshow Bob: Things just got bad to worst!

[Then a baby Indominus Rex is eating the Stormtrroper remains]

Ernie: Is that a baby?

Baby Indominus Rex: [squawking]

Jupiter: It must stole the egg.

Ernie: Egg? What egg?!

Saturn: When the I-Rex and Spino mated they had an egg. We took it away, so it can hatch it must had took it.

Sideshow Bob: Great, now we got a hybrid baby!

Ernie: Sent a bounty hunter to capture them.

[we then hear a train's whistle]

[we are now at a construct site of treastle bridge heading into Buffalo Territory]

Latham Cole: Let the Buffalo Tribe make no mistake, we will not be diswaded from our task. From here on, all treaties with the Buffalo Tribe are null and void. We will be at Promintory Summit ahead of schedule, 3 days from today. Now go ahead and put that in your paper.

[the crowd apluds as a cameraman takes a photograph]

[Then the Cavalry arrived]

Jay Fuller; [brushes his jacket] I understand you have a Buffalo problem.

Latham Cole: [checks his watch] Right on time.

[Then Brian wakes up]

Brian; Uh, where are we?

Tonto: Buffalo Tribe camp.

Brian: Why? What's happening?

Tonto: Preparing for war.

Brian: War?!

[he then notices Applejack holding a needle]

Brian: What's with the needle?

Applejack: To fix your arm.

Brian: Wait, it that thing sterilized?

[Applejack sticks it in his arm]

Brian: GAAH!!!

[with the Crophoppers]

Sebeena: War? But the Buffalo Tribe didn't attack anyone!

Dusty: Exactly. But Some of the settlers don't know this.

Sebeena: How?

Ishani: Well, Team Galactic dispatched Boba Fett...

[Bakc to the story]

[then it cuts to the next scene with some of the villains]

[then Trixie's hologram communicator beeps]

Trixie: What is it?

Suri Polomare: I've found the trail of that pink skunk. I should be close to finding her.

Trixie: I'm on my way.

[we come to Suri's location, as we see Mitzi hiding in a bush]

Mitzi: They won't find me.

[but as she sneaks away, she accidently steps on a twig which snaps, giving her away]

Mitzi: Uh oh.

Suri Polomare: Ah, there you are.

Mitizi: AAH!! [she then races away]

[we see the Predator watching her body heat as she races on]

Suri Polomare: I found the pink skunk! I'm transmitting my location now! [she chases Mitizi]

[then as Mitzi tries to squeeze into a hole in the tree, Suri grabs her tail and pulls on her as Mitzi tries to stay in the hole]

Mitzi: NO!! HELP!!! HELP ME!! LET ME GO!!!!

[the Predator watches this through body heat]

[then soon Suri pulls Mitzi out as she puts her gun on Mitzi's belly]

Suri Polomare: You're not going anywhere, little skunk.

Mitzi: [she then sees something as she then gets scared]

Suri Polomare: Wha? [looks back]

[we see the Predator (invisable) as he then swings his blades and strikes Suri]

Suri Polomare: TAAAH!!! [falls to the ground dead, as Mitzi falls down]

[then the other villains arrive]

Mitzi; [stares in shock as the Predator then drags Suri away into the trees, then she tries to run again only for her tail to get caught in a log]

Mitzi: NO!! NO!! LET GO!! HELP!!!!

[the other villains then race in and are shocked to find Suri gone]

Sunset Shimmer: [heads into the tress and then finds Suri's Lightsaber, hologram communicator, and gun, but no body]

Trixie: [grabs Mitzi] Think you could really get away that easy?

Gilda: Hold on, where's Suri?

Trixie: [into her hologram communicator] Suri, give your position! [no reply] Suri? Hello? Suri, where are you?!

Sunset Shimmer: Guys, you may wanna take a look at this.

Trixie: Do you find Suri?

Sunset Shimmer: I.. I can't tell.

[Trixie comes over]

Twixie: Holy, Equestria! Where's her body?

Sunset Shimmer: There's no sign of it.

Count Ratan: What is it?

Gilda: Suri, ain't here, she's gone missing.

[Trixie and Sunset then come back over]

Becky Geo Ask the skunk what happened.

: Well?

Mitzi: [shivering in fear]

: Speak!

Mitzi: [whispers in their ears]

: She says the forest, it came alive and took her.

Count Ratan: Nonsense! She's just trying to throw us off! It's probably those goody-2 shoes!

Sunset Shimmer: It was assasins!

[the 2 start to argue]

Trixie: Hold it! HOLD IT!! Why didn't it take Suri's hologram communicator, or her gun and saber? Why didn't the skunk escape?

Sunset Shimmer: The men.

Sideshow Bob: Huh?

Sunset Shimmer: They did the same thing to those men we found.

Count Ratan: We have to find Suri. Go!

[they all spread out]

Count Ratan: Lulamoon, take that skunk back to the base, and make sure she's in better containment sp she can't escape.

Trixie: Right.

Mitizi: You won't get away with this.

Trixie: Yes, we will, skunk.

[after Trixie leaves, we then see Suri hanging upside down in a tree]

[Back with our heroes]

[some of the team are now inside one of the Tippes]

Brian: Hwo.

John Reid:  Hi.

Cheif Thunderhooves: Still wearing the mask, eh?

John Reid: I just wear it.

Steamy: Thunderhooves? Strongheart? Is something up?

Little Strongheart: Yeah, those villains are up to something big now. And one of your friends foud tracks in the desert and changlings.

Brian: Who found the tracks?

[then Big Grizz comes inside]

Big Grizz: Hello, Kemosabies.

Steamy: Big Grizz!

Big Grizz: I knew you come here. That is why I leave my arrow near train tracks I find.

Puffy; Grizz, what's going on? Why was there a Changling near by too?

Big Grizz: Changling impersonate buffaloes, and attack settlers. Allow with the Wendigo.

Applejack; Butch Cavendish.

Big Grizz: MMM.

Cheif Thunderhooves: And now, the Cavalry is hunting all buffaloes.

Sylveon: No!

Big Grizz: Fraid so, I see several groups headin' eastern to other tripe camps.

Brian: What do we do!?

Big Grizz: I know where Butch Cavendish be.

Vinny: Where?

[we are now looking at a mountain]

Big Grizz: They be where the river begins.

Little Strongheart: It'll be west.

Brian: Thank you.