Divebomb is one of Fracture's Mini-Cons, along with Airazor, and a character from Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015.


Divebomb, along with Airazor, helped Fracture to find out about the new Train-Prime OpThomas Prime, who was presumed dead years after Cybertron's destruction. Upon finding out about this fearsome new advercery, Divebomb accompanied Airazor and Fracture to an old abandoned mine below Ulfstead Castle. When Fracture, Airazor and Divebomb were chased through the mine by Thomas and the gang, Divebomb made the cieling collapse, trapping them. Fracture, Airazor and Divebomb manage to escape. When Fracture discovered that OpThomas Prime had been under the watchful optics of Optimus Prime for serveral months, Divebomb suggested kidnapping his girlfriend in order to lure him to them. That night, they sceized their chance and snared Twilight. Divebomb's plan fails when Ryan and his friends came to the rescue. Divebomb tried to subdue Sideswipe but was apprehended by Rainbow Dash. Divebomb managed to escape her clutches but ran into Strongarm and fell unconscious. Divebomb later discovered two Cyclones: Backtrack and Ransack. He was later recruited by Starlight Glimmer to help her change the past. Divebomb changed when they were defeated by Drift. The trio then ran into the Decepticon Thunderhoof. Divebomb helps the Dazzlings hypnotize Ryan F-Freeman, but failed when Contralto's singing freed him. Divebomb then was caught walking in the forest by humans. But he manage to escape when Airazor came to the rescue. Divebomb managed to easily frame Thomas for taking Airazor, which was actually a trick.


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