Here is how Tommy and his friends learn Science in Welcome to Canterlot High.

Discord: Alright, Since we have new students in our class. Twilight, Would you like to demonstrate?

Twilight Sparkle: Sure thing.

Tommy Pickles: Alright, Girls. Show us how it's done.

Fluttershy: (use two chemicals to combine each other)

Discord: Now, Let's see the rest of you do the rest.

Chuckie Finster: Okay.

Phil DeVille: Here it goes.

Angelica Pickles: As long as it doesn't explode.

When the science was over.

Discord: Alright, science class dismissed.

Twilight Sparkle: Let's head to the library.

Rarity: You'll never guessed what kind of books we got.

Susie Carmichael: I sure look forward to it.

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