is a dolphin engine and is Willy's long lost cousin.


Years before Willy's family was killed. The dolphins and sharks were at war, the battle was brutal they spend many weeks and days without any sleep. Then the alpha shark knocked Dolphy out, when he woke up he was alone. His wife, Isinia, and the pod were killed. But years later, the dolphins and sharks were friends once more.


After the war, Dolphy traveled the sea for one year  without food. Soon he reached the shoreline and was found by 2 rescuers. And he later became an engine too. Soon Dolphy joined Hiatt Grey's other engines, then became friends with all of them. 


Dolphy is cute and friendly like Willy. But when someone pushes his buttons, he goes into super rage mode. [like Willy]

Relation with Willy

Dolphy is also Willy's long lost cousin. Before the war, Willy found him and prepares to kill him (he didn't recognize him back then) [due to Orca eating Dolphins] But after seeing how scared he was, he let him go. Then Willy starts looking for the dolphin but has trouble finding him again. Then he hears a call for help, then he heads for it and sees Dolphy trapped in a fishing net. He quickly then bites him free and heads for the surface. On the surface, Willy meets him. The 2 then get along and become fast friends, then hard times came. The dolphins were leaving, the 2 said their goodbyes and they left. Years went by then Willy's family was killed. [leading Dolphy to believe that Willy was killed along with them] And Dolphy's wife Isinia was killed during the war of the dolphins and sharks, they were both rescued by the rescue team and were turned into trains. [but Dolphy still thought Willy was deceased]

Later, Dolphy came to live with Hiatt Grey's engines. Soon he makes friends with them, and they accept him as a member of their railway. Sometime later, Dolphy gets himself an M1 carbine rifle and a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun [then removes the stock later on]. And gives it a shot and with enough practice, he gets the hang of them both.