Donald and Douglas Get Spooked is the eleventh episode in the tenth season in Yuna's Princess Adventure.


After Gator helps Stepney to the water tower with his train, Stepney's train break away and fall into a ravine. Sir Topham Hatt punishes Stepney by making him work in the yards until he can trust him again. Donald and Douglas chortle that Stepney's trucks will return to haunt him, so Gator tells them of an engine who tried to cross the same ravine and fell into the swamp below. The twins were dismissive, but Steoney's driver gets an idea. He, Donald and Douglas' crew plan to teach the twisn a lesson and take him across the bridge. After seeing the ghost heading towards them, (though it is just an engine formed by fireflies) the twins were spooked and they run back to the safety of the shed.


  • This episode is based off of the Thomas & Friends episode "Duncan Gets Spooked".

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