Donkey's Valentines Day is a new movie.


Donkey finds a Valentines Day card in the pond in the swamp. He reads it and sets out to find it's owner with Puss In Boots, Gingy, the Ogre Babies and Pinnochio (Shrek) and Ryan and Matau. Dragon and the Dronkeys help them.


Donkey finds the card

Donkey is playing with Matau, Ryan and the Ogre Babies. Puss In Boots watches them and slurps a drink. Donkey spots some thing. Matau picks it up and wonders what could it be. Donkey trots over to the pond and fishes it out. Ryan scans the object and informs Donkey that it's a Valentines day card. Donkey opens it and reads it. Puss says they should give it to it's owner. Donkey agrees and tells Ryan and Matau to come along. The Ogre Babies come along as well. Pinnochio (Shrek) and Gingy tag along and so does Puss In Boots. Ryan looks at the card. Donkey suggests getting Dragon and the Dronkeys to help. They head to the Dragon's keep. Donkey asks Dragon if she will help them find the owner of the card. Dragon nods and the Dronkeys decide


  • will guest star in this film.



  • Love is an Open Door
  • I Like to Move It
  • Life is a Runway

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