Here is when our heroes discover Doom and splitting up goes in Snowdrop's Grand Adventure: The Search for Primrose

[the next morning Skyla wakes up and heads outside the cave]

Skyla: [humming]

[but then Skyla sees a shadow, and turns around and her mouth dropped open]


[we see Human Fluttershy and Snowdrop asleep at the tree when they hear Skyla yelling gibberish]

Snowdrop: Skyla?

Skyla; [race over and is jumping around] D..D..d..d.. De...!!!

Human Fluttershy: Um, Skyla. Could you try to speak more clearly?

Skyla: D!! De..! DO.!!! D!!!

[everyone else comes out]

Astrid: What's got Skyla so worked up?

Skyla: [points to it] Doom!

[Everyone looks and are shocked of what they're seeing]


[There was a cave spelling the word: "Doom"!]

Snoutlout: Snowdrop's spirited mother is trapped in the right "O" of that thing?!

Ruffnut: How in the Name of Thor do we get up there?

Snowdrop: By going through the D.

Joy: But it's dark.

Sunil Nevla; And f...f..frightful.

Tuffnut: And very scary.

Rheneas: And we don't have a clue of what we'll find inside.

[distant growling]

Fishlegs: But we do know what will find us! [races in]


[everyone then races inside]

[but just outside the entrance, the predator watches them and follows close behind]

[inside, the team slowly make their way through the caves and then they come to a fork in the path]

Anna: Now which way?

Astrid: Don't look at me.

Snowdrop: Hmm. [paes as she ponders] There are several paths ahead, and there's several of us, so maybe, we could split up?

Astrid: Good idea!

Snowdrop: Oh, thanks.

[so each of the team split up and they journey down a different pathway]

Astrid: Miss Primrose?

Skyla: Miss, Primrose.


Nyx: Miss Primrose! Yoo-hoo!

[then she jumps as she hears something near-by]

Nyx: There's no such thing as an invisible man. Who's there?!

[Nyx slowly walks on, looking side-to-side out for anything out of the ordinary]

Nyx: [feels something on her back] Something's got me! The invisible man!

[she races off down the pathway, but the Predator is watching her body heat]

Nyx: [in body heat] The invisable man is after me! 

[With the spiders]

Joy: Miss Primrose!

Areana: Snowdrop's mother!

Nellie: Hello?

[then suddenly Nyx races in]

Nyx: He's after me! [slams into a rock] OW!!

Joy: Nyx! Are you alright?!

Nyx: No.

Areana: What happened?

Nyx: Something touched me, and I think it was the invisible man.

Nellie: So now you think there's an invisible man?

Nyx: Yes!


[something hits the wall vausing it to explode and dust and small bits of rocks fly over Nyx and the spiders]

Joy: [sees something] AAH!! It's the Invisable Man!

Invisible man: [growling]

Nyx: [takes out his pistol and shoots it]

Invisible man: [growls]

[then one shot from Nyx's pistol causes the invisilbe man to transform as a Predator]

Nyx: What the?!

Nellie: That's not a man, that's a creature wearing a mask!

[The creature deploys blades]

Areana: WAH!! He's got bladed hands!

Nyx: Run!

[they run off down the pathway as the Predator chases them]

Nyx: Quick, go!

[they continue running and then there's a huge fall ahead]

Nyx: We gotta jump!

Joy: What!?

Nellie: There's no way we can make this jump!

Predator: [screeching]

Nyx: [uses her magic to put the 3 on her head] Hang on!

[She jumps]

[Nyx makes it while the spiders are holding on to her mane]

Nyx: Guys?

Joy: Yeah?!

Nyx: Hang on!

[then the cliff break loose and they fall down screaming as they do]

Astrid: What's that?!

Skyla; Oh, MY!!! [races off]

[Soon Nyx is caught in a branch and she is catapulted to a root the shape of a Triceratops head]

Nellie: Are we still alive?

Areana: Yeah. We are.

Astrid: [nerviously chuckling] It's nothing. There's nothing to be a fraid of, it's just the wind. It's nothing, nothing at a...[she then falls into a hole in the ground] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowdrop: Astrid?

[Astrid is now tumbling head over heels down a tunnel]

Astrid: [yelling and grunting as she tumbles head over heels]

Yuna: Hello? Mrs. Primrose!

Hiccup: Primrose!

Moon Starlight: Come out, wherever you are.

Anna: [looks into a cave port] Hey, Miss. Primrose!!!

[then a bucnh of bats fly out]


Snowdrop: Guys?

[Astrid continues tumbling in the tunnel yelling and grunting as she does]

[then with Skyla, she slides on rocks]

Skyla; Whoa! AAHH!! AHHH!!

Snowdrop: Skyla?

Skyla; [coninues slipping and then she slips over an edge and falls onto the branch Nyx is stuck in]

Ny: OH!!

Joy: What was that?

[Then they fall]

[But when they hit the ground, Skyla lands on Nyx, which scares the bejeebers out of her]

Nyx: WAAAAHH!!! THE INVISIBLE CREATURE!!!!! [races down the path as fast as she can go]

Snowdrop: Nyx.

[Snowdrop then starts walking behind some big crystals]

Astrid: [yelling and grunting] AAAH!!! [flies out the tunnel and hits the ground as her axe flies out and bonks her in the head] Uh!

[Nyx continues running and then there's atunnel ahead]

Areana: Nyx, slow down!

Nyx: Whoa!!!!

[She goes through the tunnel, loosing her mask]

Moon Starlight: Help!

[the others come running in]

Fishlegs: [gibbering]

Nyx: WHA!!!!!

Fishlegs: [gibbering]


[everyone is all in apile up]

Skyla: Guys!

Hiccup: Yeah, it's us, Skyla.

Snoutlout: We're all okay.

Nyx: Skyla.. I... saw.. the.. In...visible...


Elsa; [points at something] THERE IT IS!! THERE IT IS!!!

[There was a crystal shape of Snowdrop]

Tuffnut: That's the biggest, most scaryest, terriblest Cloggersaurus I've ever seen!

Ruffnut: And it's only one we've seen.

[then Snowdrop makes a scary face from the crystals]

Everyone: AAAAAAHHH!!!! [they then take off and run down a tunnel as fast as they can go.]

Snowdrop: Did someone say, "Cloggersaurus"? [slips down a slide] WHOA!!!

[eveyone else continues running and they slipe and then slide forward and are heading for a cliff!]

[they then reach and almost fly off but they manage to grab some of the hanging roots and some of the dragons grabs them]

[Snowdrop is still sliding down the slide and then flies off a jump!]


Moon Starlight: You hear that? The Cloggersaurus, it got Snowdrop.

[Then Snowdrop gets stuck between some crysatls]

Snowdrop: [grunting] Yuna! Hiccup! Anna!

[But the others are done below they can't even see her]

Anna: I'm gonna miss my goddaughter. [wipes]

Frostlord: [whimpers]

Hiccup: Oh, Snowdrop.

Fishlegs: (as Patrick) [in his own version] Oh, why does this keep happening to us?!

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