Doom Patrol
The Doom Patrol
is a group of superheroes who is the surrogate family to Beast Boy before he became a Teen Titan.


Mento: The leader of the group, Mento is able to read minds and send out a kind of “brain wave” that will destroy things upon contact. He always has his mind set on his mission, and is willing to sacrifice his team mates for the mission knowing what will happen if they're not able to stop the Brain.

Elasti-Girl: Able to become gigantic at will, Elasti-Girl is considered to be second in command, and is Mento's wife. She respects all her team mates. She often argues with Mento, defending Beast Boy. Elasti-Girl is willing to sacrifice her life for their mission.

Negative Man: While not the most powerful of the group, Negative Man is able to separate himself from his body and become an ethereal being to infiltrate and destroy machines. He often helps the team when they have trouble with their surroundings. He's the one who stops the bombs from hitting his team mates.

Robot Man: A super powerful and invulnerable robot with the only human part being a brain; he’s what Cyborg considers an “early prototype” of himself. His downfall is that he has an off button.