To mark the first anniversary of Pooh & The Others & the Power Rangers first battle Angel Grove is hosting a celebration called Power Ranger & ETO Ranger Day in the Park. The Rangers plan to put in an appearance but before they can morph And Pooh And His Friends As Their VIP Guests Rita & Nyanma abducts the citizens of Angel Grove relocates their palace to Earth and launches a new attack on the city using Goldar & Rouran's war Zord Cyclopsis & And Kidnaps Orbit. The Rangers morph and summon the Zords & Kirinda. Cyclopsus & Orbit-Con proves a tough opponent and Megazord & Kirinda is soon struggling. Jason & Bakumaru summons backup in the form of Dragonzord and Titanus and forms the Ultrazord which manages to destroy Cyclopsis. Rita & Nyanma however manages to deal a savage blow by burying Titanus and then summons Lokar & The Jyarei God King Bagi to rebuild Cyclopsis. With Lokar & Bagi as back up Cyclopsis & Orbit Con are stronger than ever and with the Zords & Kirinda damaged things look bad.


Monk: Look Goldar & Rouran Are Driving Cyclopsus

Goldar: We're Not Alone

Cyclopsus Holds Orbit On His Hand

Bakumaru: ORBIT!

Orbit: Guys Help Me

Bakumaru: If You Touch Her I'l Kill You

Rouran: Don't Make Me Laugh

Goldar: And Now You Are Our Puppet Now

Orbit: I'm Yours

Bakumaru: NOOOO!

Rouran: Don't You Stand Here Now Destroy Your Friends Now

Orbit: Orbit Shapeshift To ORBIT-CON!

Bakumaru Holds His Punch And Growls With Fury

Bakumaru: I Will Not Forgiven For You Did You Are Going To Pay The Consequences

Bakumaru: NOW!

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