Cyclopsis & Orbit Con continues to wreak havoc in Angel Grove and Pooh And The Others & all the Rangers can do is watch via the viewing globe in the Command Centre. Billy & Nyorori reports that the Zords & Kirinda are still not re-energized following their last fight with Cyclopsis & Orbit Con and require 12 more hours to reach full power. Jason & Bakumaru decides that this is too long to wait and announces that they will take the Zords & Kirinda at half power. Zordon & Aura warns them that this is too risky but the Rangers are adamant they can't just stand by and allow Rita & Nyanma to destroy the city. The Rangers morph and summon Megazord & Kirinda. Orbit-Con, Cyclopsis Bagi & Lokar prove a lethal combination and with the Zords & Kirinda only at half strength they are quickly over come. Jason & Bakumaru summons Dragonzord to help but this proves ineffective. The zords overload and the Rangers are forced to bail out as the Zords dissolve & Kirinda Out Of Energy. The Rangers de-morph and are very dejected until Billy & Nyorori reveals that the Zords & Kirinda are ok as he and Zordon & Aura had designed a new security system to dissasemble them and return to their hiding places to re-energize should they lose in battle and for special protection of the time shifters. Although the Zords & Kirinda are safe they are unable to contact Zordon & Aura, as Rita & Nyanma is jamming the communcator's signal. They head to Billy's lab so he can change the freaquency. Zordon, Aura and Alpha attempt to locate the Rangers but have no luck but Alpha discovers that now Rita's palace is on Earth the computer has managed to hack into her data banks. Realising this could be their chance to deal Rita & Nyanma a real blow they set to work to gain as much information as they can. Rita & Nyanma meanwhile is basking in her latest success and sends Goldar & Rouran & Orbit-Con to finish off the Rangers as Billy & Nyorori attempts to fix the communicators & The Badges. They manages to do so before Goldar & Rouran can actually attack and they head for the Command Center. Zordon & Aura tells them that Themselves and Alpha have discovered the key to beating Cyclopsis and Bring Orbit Back To Normal. Cyclopsis & Orbit Con must adapt to whatever it fights and if they change battle modes freaquently it will not be able to keep up. He also tells them the Zords are powered up and also they have managed to retrieve Titanus. The Rangers morph and head to town. The call the Zords and fight Cyclopsis first individually before combining into tank mode and then Megazord battle mode. Once in battle mode they summon the power sword and deal a few blows before bringing in Dragonzord. Megazord and Dragonzord deal some more blows before the form Dragonzord battle mode and Suddenly Bakumaru Fights Alone With Orbit-con And Talking To Here About The Special Who Is Her And Then Uses His Revealing Mirror To Bring Back Orbit And So Requiring The Help Of The Cardians And Combining A New Fighting Machine On Kirinda By The ETO Rangers. And His Name is Cardiandazord. Finally Titanus is brought in and Ultrazord is formed. At this point Cyclopsis freezes up leaving it vulnerable. In volley of fire Cyclopsis and Lokar are destroyed . Rita & Nyanma has lost again and heads back to the moon. The people of Angel Grove are released and are delighted when Our Heroes & the Rangers appear and they thank them for all the times they have saved them. Among the crowd is Tommy who also adds his thanks. Back at the Command Center Zordon & Aura also thanks the Rangers for all they have done and having performed above and beyond the call of duty he offers them the chance to return to their old lives but the Rangers all announce that they are Power Rangers to the end and will be there as long as Zordon & Aura and the world needs them.


Orbit-Con: Im Outta Here

Orbit-Con Falls

Bakumaru: Not So Fast Orbit-Con

Bakumaru Jumps

Cream: Good Luck

Bakumaru: You Remember Me I'm The Little Guy Who Give You Encouragement Too

Bakumaru: With All The Courage Bravery And Valiant Spirit That's Who Makes You Special That's No Way To Give Up And Loses The Hopes That's What Are You Are Special For Our Friends Since The First Time We MeetYou Are Here You're Like A Friend To Me

Orbit-con: A Friend?

Bakumaru: Forgive Me

Bakumaru Holds The Revealing Mirror


The Revealing Mirror Shoot His Laser On Orbit's Head And Nyanma's Head Stamp Is Erased

Goldar: NOOOO Not Again!

And Orbit It's Back To Normal

Orbit: You Saved Me

Orbit: My Hero

Bakumaru: That's What Friends Are For

Bakumaru Holds Orbit On His Arms

Orbit: Thanks Baku

Orbit Kiss Him On The Cheek

Goldar: You Will Pay For That You Miserable Rodent You And Your Friend Consider Your Own Doom

Bakumaru: You Are The Only Who Is Going To Pay For That Damage Goldar

Bakumaru: Begin To Teleport

Bakumaru And Orbit Are Teleported To Kirinda

Bakumaru: Whew That Was Close

The ETO Badge Sounds

Bakumaru: Yes, Princess

Aura: Bakumaru, The Only Thing To Stop Him It's Combining The Forces Of The Cardians And Kirinda

Nyorori: But This Is Impossible Nyorori

Bakumaru: But How Princess

Aura: The Only Thing To Do It's Call Up The Strength Of Cardian Master And Combine Him To Turn Into Cardiandazord

Bakumaru: Cardiandazord?

Aura: Trust Me That's The Only Hope

Bakumaru: Okay I'l try

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Cardians

The Cardian Eggs Appears And Become The Cardians

Blademan: Well You Heard The Lady

Jason: Yes Bakumaru You Can Do It

Bakumaru: Okay Cardians Your Turn

Cardians: YES SIR!

Blademan: Shapeshift To CARDIAN-MASTER!




Bakumaru: The Great Advent Lancer! CARDIANDAZORD!

Bakumaru's Badge Shoots A Laser To Cardian-Master As Kirinda's Wings merged on Cardian-Master's Back As He Rides on Kirinda's Back And Form Cardiandazord

Jason: Titanus Now

Titanus Appears

All: Ultrazord Powered Up

They Begin To Form The Ultrazord

Bakumaru: You Two You Have It And Now It's Time To Pay The Consequences

Jason: All Right Rangers Let's Finish It

All: Locked Up And Fire

Voice: Overload, Overload Too Many Changes System Lock

Goldar: NOOO I Don't Believe It

Bakumaru: Oh Sure Can Goldar Release The Cardian Sword

The Cardian Sword Holds

The Ultrazord Begins To Shoot


Charged Right Through Cyclopsus

Goldar: Engaging Abandon Ship

Gen'En: You'll Fight Once A Way Let's Fight Another Day

Goldar & Gen'En Disappears

And Cyclopsus & Lokar Explodes

Everyone Cheers

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: We Can't Standing

Jyuken: I Certanly We Know You Are Angry

Baboo: It Wasn't Our Fault We'are Asleep

Finster: You Can't Blame Us Certanly This Time Is Goldar & Gen'En's Fault

Goldar: Nevermind That Rita, Nyanma Get Us Out Of Here Before Ultrazord & Cardiandazord Blast Us

Now Rita's Moon Palace Is Going Back To The Moon

Nyanma: GOLDAR!

Goldar: Yes Empresess

Rita: Don't You Ever Tell Us What To Do Again

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