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Dora Med is a maroon cat-like robot created by the Matsushiba robot company, he is a Member of The Doraemons and one of the holder of the Bestfriend Telecard. He and the other Doraemons were Doraemon's classmates before graduating from the Robot School. Dora Med can use magic, and like Aladdin, he has a magic lamp and a magic carpet. His only fear seems to be water, but despite this, he has a dream of building a water park called "Water Land", for the people who live in the desert region. He can predict the future using tarot cards, and when he gets into a rage, his size multiplies into tens, turning him into a powerful giant. He can change back when he calms down or when he realizes he's stepping in water.He has a fear of water and can not swim, but very interested to your friends and everyone is afraid of swimming though (in the movie Super burglar Dorapan). However, unlike the Arabs, but he was the only one of the religious groups, but he is quite love Christmas, but Christmas is only available in a single Arab country is Lebanon, which he had brought for his part in the bloodstream of Lebanon.

His Apparance. He had a Green Turban and Yellow stripes with Yellow feather, Black Arabian Boots, White Baggy Pants ,Blue Collar with Bell on it, Green Arabian Clothes, and a mustache.

His Personality. He had a short tempered and easily angry and because of this, he turns into a giant when he is annoyed. Despite having aquaphobia, he loves to freeze his doracakes and his favorite thing to do is to ride on a magic carpet when he has time.

His Skill and Abilities. He is proficient in fortune-telling, especially by the means of Tarot Cards. He can freeze anything as he freezes his Yummy Buns.

His Japanese Voice is Masaharu Sato.


  • In the manga publications by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), Dora Med III's name is also "Dora Metsudo". Although, he was never addressed properly(with title).
  • Despite being an Arabian; Doramed is afraid of water. Contrary to the fact where Arabians were normally celebrating and gave thanks when the desert is blessed with rain.
  • Dora-Med III was born in June 2112.
  • Dora-Med lll is a Good Friend to Aladdin, Rubble, Genie and Phineas Flynn
  • Dora-Med III will join the team in Doraemon's Adventures of Aladdin.

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