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Dora-Rinho is a green Cat-like robot created by the Matsushiba robot company, he is a genius soccer athlete. His lack of facial expression, somehow makes him looked simple-minded. Though that seems to be the case; his keen instinct has saved his friends numerously from perilous situations.

Thanks to his personality; he uplifts the atmosphere which frequently turned intense, especially when pressured by the enemies. He serves as the mood-maker of The Doraemons

Dora-rinho is the only other member of the Doraemons (other than Doraemon and El Matadora), who uses the fourth-dimension pocket.

His Apperance. He wear a Black shoes, Orange pants, Orange shirt with a Red B, his collar is Red with Green two stripes and a little soccer ball, and he had two Red wristband left and right arm

His Personality. he is happy-go-lucky and bubbly. He just don't care about impending dangers, nor knowing the word "calm down". His naïveté made him an easy target to enemies' tricks.

An eccentric individual charged full with energy, which explains his habit of carrying out his tasks in haste; though it frequently ends up just like they said: "Haste makes waste".

His Skill and Abilities. He is the ace striker in his team. He possess incredible ball handling, which enables him to dribble like a flow of water.

His signature technique is his well-known overhead. The acceleration is so strong, that he once was able to score a goal; from the other side of the field.

His Japanese Voice is Mie Suzuki.


  • In the spin-off manga series "The Doraemons Special"; it seems that his "forgetfulness" has evolved into a whole new level. He was able to survive in outer space without a spacesuit, for he was "forget" to feel suffocation.
  • In the manga series; he is hinted to be illiterate, though it isn't in the anime.
  • Dora-rinho's pupils are same with a character's pupils that scared or astonished.
  • Dora-Rinho was born in March 2112.
  • Dora-Rinho is a Good Friend to TJ Detweiler, Mabel Pines, SpongeBob SquarePants and Rocky (PAW Patrol)
  • Dora-Richo will join the team in Doraemon's Adventures of Recess: School's Out.

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