Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale is a young girl who lives with her elderly aunt and uncle in Kansas. In the Wizard of Oz, a tornado sends her, Toto and the house flying into a magical world of Oz. Glinda, the good witch of the north, tells her the only way to get her back to Kansas is to go and seek help from the Wizard of Oz. Along the way, she encounted three new friends: a scarecrow who wants a brain, a tin woodsman who wants a heart, and a lion who wants to be brave.


  • Dorothy Gale has been portrayed and voiced by many actresses, but the most notable portrayal is by the late singer and actress, Judy Garland.
  • Genie imitated her in the Aladdin episode "I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like".
  • Dorothy will meet Winnie the Pooh and his friends in Pooh's Adventures of The Wizard of Oz.