Dr. Achimoff is a Evil Scientist and a German-Russian Professor.

A recurring antagonist in "The Doraemons - Doraemon Game Comic" series. He's responsible for the abduction of The Doraemons and the purloin of their Bestfriend Telecard. His right eye happened to be artificial.

He build and lives inside a massive hovering fortress; where he spends his days conducting research on building a robot with the purpose of World Domination.

Dr. Achimoff is lunatic. If somehow things don't go according to his will; he stomps his feet angrily like a child.

He has a tendency to put "-ssho" (ッショ) at the end of his sentence.

He want The Doraemons Telecard because Dr Achimoff is targeted them, or the Bestfriend Telecard to be precise. He wanted them to help him powered his colossal robot, in order to fulfill his ambition.


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