Dr almen von walamind by thegr8estone-d3e2gvv
Allow me to Introduce you to the new Eggman "Look-a-like"; Doctor Almen Von Walamind the main villian for the "Milya For Hire" trying to get Milya In trouble so she can get fire. But he also have minons of his own In the Orignal Series for the "Vernmilya The Hedgehog" Series and had alot of hatred to her. He mostly like his handsomeness and Beauty (Similar to Vega from Street Fighter and NO HE'S NOT GAY IN CASE YOU ASK) always trying to get the perfect girl of her dream. He rarely fights at all, and serves as Komplex's science officer as well as commander and developer of many aerial assault vehicles and inventions for Toadborg's Machine Men Army. In his only battle, Almen gained the ability to change into another form to battle The T.U.F.F.C.A.T.S. but that form was destroyed when Dave struck him with his "Sphinx Wing Strike" command. He escaped the Toad fortress before its final destruction in Dave Felis' Adventures of Atlantis the Lost Empire along with Toadborg and his fellow victorious saints.

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