Here is how Dr. Finklestein's lunch and "What's This?" goes in Code Red enters the Nightmare before Christmas.

[Dr. Finklestein's tower]

(while the sirens and alarms are going off, we see Sally making something)

Sally: Frog's breath will overpower any odor. Bitter.(coughing) Worm's wart. Where's that worm's wart?

Dr. Finklestein: Sally, that soup ready yet?

Sally: Coming!

(we see Finklestein studying something)

Sally: Lunch!

[he stops studying]

Dr. Finklestein: Ah what's that?(sniffs) Worm's wart, mmm, and... frog's breath?

Sally: What's wrong? I-I thought you liked frog's breath.

Dr. Finklestein: Nothing's more suspicious than frog's breath. Except for that idiot Merc with a Mouth. Until you taste it, I won't swallow a spoonful.

Sally: I'm not hungry.(knocks the spoon out of his hand) Oops.

Dr. Finklestein: You want me to starve. An old man like me who hardly has the strength as it is. Me, to whom you owe your very life.

[we see her secretly pull out a different spoon so she doesn't get poisoned herself]

Sally: Oh don't be silly.(eats the soup with the trick spoon) Mmm, see, scrumptious.

Dr. Finklestein:(eats the soup)

[we see Jack and the new recruits still walking through the forest, Deadpool somehow sleep flying, Pietro sleep running, and Bucky sleep walking]

Jack Skellington: How does he fly in his sleep?

Firestar: Don't ask. Don't question it. You don't wanna know.

Sauron: I think we're lost.

Titano:(climbs his owner and curls around him)

[we then see day break]

Jack Skellington:(yawns) Where are we? It's someplace new.

Deadpool:(falls out of the air and wakes up) Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

(they walk up to a circle of trees)

Zero: Bark bark!

(the recruits are surprised at this array)

Jack Skellington: What is this?

Mirage the Illusionist:(to himself) The symbols of the different holidays.

Firestar: These trees got doors to different holidays on them.

Jack Skellington:(gasps)

(they see the Xmas door)

Jack Skellington:(goes over to it)

Mirage the Illusionist:(reads his mind) Jack don't.

Jack Skellington:(opens it)

Mirage the Illusionist:(clearly annoyed) He did.

[when nothing happens, he turns to them and is sucked in]

The recruits: Jack!

Bucky Barnes: Stay here everyone!(dives in after him)

Deadpool: I want to try it.

Sauron: You heard him. Stay put.

(we see the two land in snow)

Jack Skellington: What's this? What's this?~

There's color everywhere~

What's this?~

There's white things in the air~

What's this?~

I can't believe my eyes~

I must be dreaming~

Wake up, Jack, this isn't fair~

What's this?~

What's this? What's this?~

There's something very wrong~

What's this?~

There's people singing songs~

What's this?~

The streets are lined with little creatures laughing~

Everybody seems so happy~

Have I possibly gone daffy?~

What is this?~

What's this?~

There's children throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads~

They're busy building toys~

And absolutely no one's dead~

There's frost in every window~

Oh, I can't believe my eyes~

And in my bones I can feel the warmth that's coming from inside~

Oh look, what's this?~

They're hanging mistletoe~

They kiss?~

Why, that look so unique~


They're gathering around a fire to hear a story~

Roasting chestnuts on a fire~

What's this?~

What's this~

In here, they got a little tree~

How queer~

And who would ever think?~

And why?~

They're covering it with tiny little things~

They got electric lights on strings~

There's a smile on everyone~

So, correct me if I'm wrong~

This looks like fun, this looks like fun~

Oh, could it be I got my wish?~

What's this?~

Oh my, what now?~

The children are asleep~

But look, there's nothing underneath~

No ghouls~

no witches here to scream and scare them~

Or ensnare them, only little cozy things~

Secure inside their dreamland~


What's this?~

The monsters are all missing~

And the nightmares can't be found~

And in their place there seems to be~

Good feeling all around ~

Instead of screams, I swear~

I can hear music in the air~

The smell of cakes and pies~

Are absolutely everywhere~

The sights, the sounds~

They're everywhere and all around~

I've never felt so good before~

This empty place inside of me is filling up~

I simply cannot get enough~

I want it, oh, I want it~

Oh, I want it for my own~

I've got to know, I've got to know~

What is this place that I have found?~

What is this?~

Christmas Town? Hmm...

[Jack hears a train whistle and saw a shadow of Snata]


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