Dr. Nefarious is the dark spawn lord of technology, Malefor's little brother, and the arch-nemesis of Ratchet and Clank. however, due to Nefariou's inprudents, and his "Overload" problem, he is also dubbed the dork of the dark spawn, which Nefarious claimed to be an unjust action. outraged, he secretly created a portal that teleports him from the banished realms, and to ensure Malefor won't try to follow and take all the glory (at least that's what he thought), he disigned the portal to blow up after he uses it. later, he reqruts his butler servevent, Lawrence the robot, and rebuilted his space station, waiting for his move, till Malefor fails again and that's when he'll strike. his dark plan is to used the metaforitcal key to use the generater to the boundies of the universes to banished all universes, making them all banished realms, unless the villain leage, even his own niece, Mirage, bows down to him and forsake Malefor. Nefarious is not alone, he has his own villain team: Called, the team of villains who are enternaly loyal to and only to Nefarious! or in short, team Nefarious, to make it catcher, and to fit short spaces in computer name tags.

He made Ray the firefly his little toadie in future shell lougue adventures to come. it has been shown he keeps ray on a very tight leash, due to Ray's origen as a good guy.


  • Dr. Nefarious is a technician for the Demon Council of Darkness.