They all went back to the Potion Class

Snape: You got the Forget-me-not Flower from Ginny.

Ron: It was her fault.

Snape: That's enough. Now I need One last ingredient. It's Surprise. I need an item that represent a Surprise.

Ron: That's it! Fred and George got Some surprise for this Ingredient. I heard they have one in the Boy's Bathroom

Harry: Let's go!


Lord Voldermort: So. Harry Potter is making a Heart for the Heartless? And that's good. And I will get my hands on that heart so I can command all the Heartless I want.

Back to our Heroes

Snape: Took you long enough.

Hermione: Sport. Here this will help.

Snape: This time, this will heart will work on this.

He walk to the Table of the Heartless and he got trip from Malfoy.

Draco: Looks like I have it Potter. See ya.

He ran away and our Heroes is chasing him

Ace: Great! We lost him!

Harry: Not for long.

He look at the map

Harry: He's at the Willowing Tree. We better go after him!

They went off

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