This is how Draco shares his heart goes in The Quest for the Skylanders Part 2.

At Canterlot.

Dobby: (groans)

Princess Yuna: Hold on, Dobby, Skyla, Help Me!

Princess Skyla: He's dying, There's nothing I can do, Yuna!

Draco: But I can.

Princess Yuna: How?

Draco: Peace, Daughter of the Night Princess. Witness the wonders of an ancient glory. (shares his heart with Dobby) Half my heart to make you whole. It's strength to purify your weakness!

Dobby: (awakened) What just happened?

Princess Skyla: Draco shared his heart with you, Dobby.

Princess Sharon: You're invincible as long as he lives.

Draco: Your Aunt, Your Mother and Your Cousins revived us for a reason, Yuna.

Princess Celestia: It's true, Yuna, We need to talk.

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