This is how Dracula sucks Princess Celestia's soul goes in

[Late at night, Dracula comes to Equestria​]

Dracula: There you are, Your Highness.

Princess Celestia: Dracula, you won't get away with this.

Dracula: I already have.

[Dracula hypnotizes Celestia and put her into a deep sleep]

[Dracula carries Princess Celestia in his arms]

Dracula: Soon with you by my side I will rule both worlds.

[Dracula takes Princess Celestia to his lair]

[Dracula walks up to a coffin and places the unconscious Princess Celestia in it]

Dracula: Now, Princess Celestia, you're under my power.

Princess Celestia: Dracula, take my soul.

[Dracula gets closer to Princess Celestia]

[Dracula opens Celestia's mouth and opens his mouth and Celestia's soul is being sucked up]

[As Dracula gets younger, Celestia turns into a zombie]

[Twilight Sparkle sees Dracula draining the soul from Princess Celestia]

[As Dracula gets stronger, Celestia's body starts to shiver]

[Twilight Sparkle continues watching Dracula draining Princess Celestia's soul]

[Twilight Sparkle gets closer to Princess Celestia and Dracula]

[Twilight fires at Dracula with her magic]

[Dracula steps away from the coffin, causing Celestia's soul to return to her body]

[Twilight Sparkle and Dracula begin their battle]

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