This is how Dragon Bolt chases Rudolph, Clarise, Hermey, Yukon Cornelius, and Ryan goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Adventures of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of the Misfit Toys.

[Ryan looks around]

Ryan F-Freeman: No sign of Prime or Twilight.

Hermey: Who are the Prime and Twilight?

Ryan F-Freeman: Optmus Prime and Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is my friend.

[Rudolph sees a rabbit and chases it]

[Clarice follows]

Clarice: Rudolph, come back!

[Ryan gasps]

[Hermey and Yukon follow]

Hermey: Wait!

Yukon Cornelius: Come back!

[They run after them]

[Ryan is left alone]

Ryan F-Freeman: Guys, we need to stay together.

[Ryan runs]

[The rabbit disappears and Rudolph stops and looks up and screams as Dragon Bolt exhales electricity from his nose. Clarice looks up]

Clarice: Yikes!

[Hermey and Yukon gasp]

Hermey: Oh no. It's a blue dragon.

Yukon Cornelius: Now there is something you don't see everyday.

[Ryan catches up with them and sees Dragon Bolt]

Ryan F-Freeman: RUUNNN!!!!!!

[They run as the song "Brown Dogs" by Young Dubliners plays]

Was early in November, the leaves were on the ground~

I couldn't get up, I'd just gotten down~

I'm all alone a-waiting by the phone~

Waiting for your call so patiently~

[Rudolph and Clarice bump into Hermey, Yukon, and Ryan and they all fall into mud. Clarice and Rudolph look up and see Dragon Bolt and run, getting mud in Ryan's face. Ryan backs up into Dragon Bolt's foot and wipes the mud off his face. Dragon Bolt raises his front right foot and drops it. Ryan dodges and beeps like Road Runner before running]

You filled me with worry~

You filled me with fear~

I'm not standing still and I'm not staying here~

[Ryan, Hermey, and Yukon run out of the way and Dragon Bolt brings his foot down on the mud. Ryan, Hermey, and Yukon run ahead of Rudolph and Clarice. Clarice and Rudolph look back to see Dragon Bolt walking after them and pick up the pace. Dragon Bolt is stopped by Ryan by giving him a present. When Dragon Bolt opens it up, it says "April Fools!" Ryan runs and Dragon Bolt runs after them]

Outta my way I can't take it no more~

There's a brown dog barking at the back door, brown dog barking at the back door~

Come on~

[Clarice runs under Rudolph and runs up and Rudolph ends up on her back and Clarice runs. Rudolph sees a tree branch and gets hit and knocked off of Clarice. Clarice stops running when she feels Rudolph's not on her back anymore and sees him spinning around the tree branch he hit]

So off on my adventure, now where do I begin?~

America called, it's calling again~

I'm jumping on a plane, I'm drinking all the way~

I wake up in the sunshine every day~

[Rudolph stops spinning and falls in a puddle of mud]

We came for the money we came for the fun~

Remember your mother stay out of the sun~

[Rudolph wipes the mud off his face and hears a noise and turns around and sees Dragon Bolt coming]

Living the life 'cause that's what we came for~

There's a brown dog barking at the back door, brown dog barking at the back door~

Come on~

[Ryan starts the van and drives backwards and Rudolph falls in. Clarice, Hermey, and Yukon get in and Yukon shuts the door]

[Dragon Bolt leans his face towards the window. Ryan sees Dragon Bolt's left eye and it blinks at him. Ryan then drives the van as fast as he can and get away]

[Ryan drives down a path and hits the brake as Dragon Bolt appears in front of the path. Dragon Bolt then roars]

We're not going home~

We're not going home~

[Ryan then drives backwards. Dragon Bolt tries to catch the van with his mouth but Ryan changes gears and drives forward]

We know they're behind us, but they'll never find us~

'Cause we're on our way~

We're on our way~

[Dragon Bolt roars again]

Now what's that my darling, what did you say~

I know you were sad when I went away~

But I'm over here, by now it should be clear~

I won't be going back there any day~

You filled me with worry you filled me with fear~

I didn't stand still and I came over here~

Outta my way I can't take it no more~

There's a brown dog barking at the back door brown dog barking at the back door~

Brown dog barking at the back door, brown dog barking at the back door~

Brown dog, brown dog, brown dog no more~

Brown dog, brown dog, I won't be knocking at your back door~

[The song ends and Ryan looks around and they are lost]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank Primus and Juniper Montage. I think we lost him.

Hermey: Prime. I think we lost him. Who was that dragon?

Ryan F-Freeman: Dragon Bolt. I guess my time with Fred did pay off.

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