This is how Dragon Bolt chases Rudolph, Clarice, and Ryan goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Adventures of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of the Misfit Toys.

[We see Ryan with Rudolph and Clarice]

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope we can see this.

Rudolph: Yeah, Ryan. Guess Santa did like your friends.

Clarice: What could be worse?

Ryan F-Freeman: It'll take more than that. I hope Snow Cat can kill Starscream before I can say it got worse.

[As they talk, Dragon Bolt appears from the side and exhales electricity from his nose]

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh-oh.

[Rudolph, Clarice, and Ryan run as Dragon Bolt roars]

[The song "Brothers Forever by Tom Chase and Joe Sichta plays]

When you take a look behind you~

What do you see~

You been hanging onto something that's really just enough it seems to me~

So tell me have you found~

When life's going round'n'around~

When climbing your way to the top can bring you down~

[They get to the top and lift the roof and see Dragon Bolt flying and he roars. They drop the roof]

When it all falls apart we gotta keep it together~

Wherever you go i'll be there by your side~

I want you to know that we're brothers forever~

If the bottom drops out we'll hang on for the ride~

[Dragon Bolt slams his tail on the tower six times and it begins to fall]

Castles may stand but they don't last forever~

Save what you can let the rest of it slide~

Hang onto your friends and you'll get through whatever~

Soon you'll be coming out the other side~

[The tower falls and Ryan, Rudolph, and Clarice escape. Dragon Bolt jumps down after them. Ryan, Rudolph, and Clarice see Dragon Bolt and run]

Everybody's running thinking they can just play hide and seek~

Open your eyes and realize this life is just a crazy mystery~

So how can you have any fun...when troubles got you out on the run~

And this world feels like the monster ways a ton~

[Ryan, Rudolph, and Clarice run into a tent and run out as Dragon Bolt comes out and goes after them]

When it all falls apart we gotta keep it together~

Running ahead leave your trouble behind~

Never we'll part cause we're stronger than ever~

And if we get cornered we'll go for a ride~


[Ryan, Rudolph, and Clarice reach a dead end. Dragon Bolt growls and exhales electricity from his nose. Rudolph hides behind Ryan as his nose glows red]

[Ryan's Matrix glows]

[Ryan glows bright]

[Dragon Bolt gets blinded]

When it all falls apart we gotta keep it together~

Fighting for all of the things we believe~

I want you to know that we're brothers forever~

And when it comes to the end we'll live brave and free~

[They escape]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. We got away. [notices his nose] And I got a shiny nose.

Rudolph: Shiny? You can even say it glows.

Clarice: Yeah. Twilight and Megan might think you look like a clown.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I guess it's when Rudolph sneezed. And I don't want to spend my date sneezing Snow Cat toys out my nose.

Rudolph: Snow Cat?

Clarice: He was a Con working for Megatron but now he's Matau's follower.

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