The Dragon Bots are 9 accent warriors that serve the Trainbots and are the Dinobots' ancestors.


The Dragon Bots are accent Trainbot warriors that are ancestors to the Dinobots, and are much older than 


Cometbreath is the leader of the Dragon Bots

Tyranor is one of the strongest members of the Dragon Bots, since he has 7 heads, he has 2 different ways of speaking either all his heads speak at once or each head speaks one part at a time.

Pyranor is one of the youngest of the Dragon Bots, and a cadet to.

New Memebers

Hairs is a levitating dragon bot.


  • The Dragon Bots make their first appearance in 
  • The Dragon Bots will make their appearance in The Humicorn Empire.


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