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Dragon Twilight
is a Dragon version of Twilight which she becomes after absorbing too much Dark Energon and the true main antagonist of Re-telling The Legend of Everfree and the main antagonist of The Return of Dragon Twilight.


Re-telling The Legend of Everfree

Dragon Twilight is created when Twilight absorbs too much Dark Energon. She captures the Princesses and places them in a cage in her castle and swallows the key that unlocks it. She then calls her master, Unicron, to tell him the good news and, while they are talking, Starlight and her three friends, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord, sneak into the castle and attempt to free the princesses, but are caught by Dragon Twilight, who chases them and then senses her offspring are hatching and goes to feed them but finds Starlight and her friends there and continues to chase them.

The Return of Dragon Twilight

Twilight is turned back into Dragon Twilight in The Return of Dragon Twilight.

Enraged at her friends' betrayal, Twilight uses the power of Dark Energon in her veins and transforms into Dragon Twilight and abducts Princess Celestia and goes on a rampage


  • Dragon Twilight's roars


Teentitans dragon by jd1680a-d9ah6st

Dragon Twilight sensing her offspring are hatching.


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