This is where the Dragon races and games take place and where Mucker tries a new invention in Return of Darth Sidious.

[we now come into the dragon arena and then something swooshes by and it shows the dragons racing]

Vanellope: Yeah! Go, Racer!

Rainbow: Come on, Rainboom!

Scootaloo: Come on, Scooter Flame!

Snoutlout: Keep it up, Hookfang!

[they race around the course, and then we see some of the other dragon riders doing other games]

[Apple Bloom and Babs are competing on dragon target shooting with their shotguns]

Apple Bloom: Left! [fires and hits a target] Right! [hits another target]

Babs Seed: (fires and hits 2 targets) Yeah!

Apple Bloom: Hey, no fair!

Babs Seed: Gotta be quicker than that, cuz'!

Apple Bloom: Quicker, ah? [she then slamfires her shotgun and hits 4 targets] HA! Beat that!

Babs Seed: No fair!

[we then see some of the others are using their Lightsaber skills in a room]

Skyla: Easy.

Astrid: Concentrate.

[they then but meanwhile Mucker is building something]

Mucker: [wielding something on a cannon like thing] Just a few more adjustments here.

[then the team come in]

Yuna: Hey, Mucker.

Mucker: [stops wielding and then lifts up his googles] Oh, hey guys. I didn't hear you come in.

Hiccup: What's that you're working on.

Mucker: I'm creating some turrets that you can mount on dragons. So far I've made a successful machine gun one. (points to a turret with Browning M3 machine guns on it) and now I'm making a plasma laser and phaser one.

Astrid: Wow! That'll be something to try on Storm fly. How's it coming?

Mucker: So far, not so good. I haven't gotten it right yet. The trouble is I can't make them have a strong enough destructive blast.

Button Mash: How many times have you tried?

Mucker: So far, 28 times. continues wielding)

Pepper Clark: Whoa! 28 times and it still doesn't work right?

Mucker: Yeah, I know. {stops wielding] Alright, let's test this again. [puts on his safety goggles] You guys might wanna put on safety goggles. Stand back.

[they all do so as Mucker turns on the turrets and slowly starts the laser beams going]

Mucker: Come on, work for me.

[the beam then hits a test pod as Mucker increases power]

Mucker: Come on, come on, work. Work! [he then fires the plasma laser]

[the beam hits the test pod but with a huge blast that makes the pod explode into a million pieces]

Mucker: Dammit! Now the blast too intense! This is not going so well!

Scootaloo: What does that even mean?

Mucker: It means: That this damn thing WON'T WORK RIGHT AT ALL!! Test 29, fail.

Vinnie Terrio: The test might've been a failure, but that was cool!

Pepper Clark: Yeah! It made that pod explode into a million pieces!

Scootaloo: Yeah! It was awesome!

Hiccup: Have you tried adjusting the beam's pulse strength?

Mucker: Hmm, I haven't. Maybe I should do that! [does what he says] Maybe after a few more tweaks, i should have it ready!

Astrid: Great! I'm looking forward to trying it on Storm fly.

Yuna: All we need now is something to battle.

[meanwhile Brian is force meditating in the air]

Brian: Hum.

Peter: Hey, man!

Brian: GAH! [falls on the floor]

Peter: [chuckles]

Brian: Peter! what are you doing?!

Peter: Just wanna see how you're doing.

Brian: You made me fall!

Peter: Yeah, but the look on your face was priceless!

[he starts chuckling again the Night striker smacks him with his tail]

Night striker: [growling chuckles]

Brian: [meditates again]

Peter: Uh, I'm leaving this, to Lois.

Night striker: [growls in annoyance]

Brian: [then senses something bad]

Night striker: [looks at Brian in confusion]

[Then we see the ships outside Earth's atmosphere]

Admiral: Lord Vader, we are the Earth System.

Darth Vader: Good. Land the troops!

[several smaller ships start to fly into the atmosphere.]

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