Here's how dragon racing and Brian Griffin enters the series in The Day the Griffin's Came Part 1.

[We see Equestria is having dragon racing]

Pinkie: [through mircophone] And there goes Skyla and Crystal Heart! They're going around the bend with a magificate speed! But wait, what's this? It's Fishlegs and Meatlug!

[Fishlegs and Meatlug then start catching up with Skyla and Crystal Heart and then start to over take them.]

Pinkie: [through microphone] Fishlegs is almost making it!

[Fishlegs crosses the line]

Pnkie: [through microphone] And the winners are Fishlegs and Meatlug!

[the racers then land]

Fishlegs: We did it, buddy!

Meatlug: [smiles]

Skyla: [looking out to the open]

[when Nightstar and Yuna land, Yuna hops off and goes over to her]

Yuna: Hey, Sky, what's on your mind?

Skyla; Well, it's not about loosing the race. It's just. What if someone is killing dragons?

Yuna: [giggles] That's silly. Everyone knows that dragons are friends now.

Brian: [off screen] HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

[We seeing Brian killing dragons]

[we are now in the ruins of Quahog]

Brian: Heracross, use hyper beam!

Heracross: [builds up energy] Hera.... [uses it on dragons] CROSS!!!!!!!!!!!

[several dragons are killed by Heracross' hyperbeam]

Vinny: We're getting flaged! [fires a DC-15A blaster rifle] Brian, Heracross! Come back!

Brtian: Come on Heracross!

[they then race in just in time before the doors closed]

Brian: Good job, Heracross. Return!

[Heracross goes back into his PokeBall]

Peter: This is becoming too intense! 

Quagmire: We already lost several men.

Stewie: My flight squad's been blown out of the sky.

Cleveland: And most of my squadarn was killed!

Meg: We'll never beat all these dragons!

[Everyone then starts arguing]

Brian: QIUET!!!!! 

[Everyone does]

Brian: There's one hope. Equestria.

Lois: Equestria?

Brian: Yes, if we talk to the royal family, they might be able to help us out.

Peter: I don't know about that.

Brian: Look, Peter! I seen Princess Celestia raised the Sun everyday, and Princess Luna raising the Moon everynight! Before all of this happened. We're going to Equestria, to rebuild our home!

Everyone: [cheers]

Brian: Come along! To Equestria we go!

[Everyone heads to the boats and sailed off]

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