This is how Dreadwing's death goes in Regeneration.

[On the Nemesis, Dreadwing is walking in the hall]

Megatron: Dreadwing.

[He stops. Megatron is behind him]

Megatron: I have been searching for you.

[Dreadwing turns and bows his head]

Dreadwing: I am at your service, Lord Megatron.

Megatron: I recognize that Starscream's return to our ranks may be difficult for you, given the loss of your twin under his command. But your cooperation is essential. We Decepticons will be best-equipped to rule a restored Cybertron only if we are united.

Dreadwing: Understood. And if it pleases you, master, I intend to reach out to our comrade personally.

[Meanwhile, Starscream's optics snap open]

Knock Out: Rise and shine! Your T-Cog transplant was a success. Yes, I am just that good.

Starscream: [sighs] Finally. I can't wait to take flight and soar above the clouds.

Nightmare Moon: Excellent.

Tempest Shadow: Glad you'll be able to do join us in laser fighting.

Queen Chrysalis: And soar with us at your side.

Dreadwing: Starscream.

[They turn and see Dreadwing in the doorway]

Dreadwing: I regret to inform you that you will not live to spread your wings ever again. [takes out his gun]

[He powers up his gun. Starscream looks shocked]

[Dreadwing fires, screaming in rage. Knock Out, Starscream, Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, and Tempest Shadow dodge out of the way]

Starscream: Knock Out, help me!

[Knock Out runs off]

[Dreadwing drops his gun and takes out his sword as he approaches Starscream]

[Starscream picks up a tool to defend himself]

Starscream: Dreadwing, what has gotten into you?

[Dreadwing breaks it with his sword]

Starscream: Wait. This is about Skyquake, isn't it? I thought we had put that behind us!

Nightmare Moon: What?

Tempest Shadow: How did you know?

Queen Chrysalis: Wasn't this behind you?

Dreadwing: So had I!

[Dreadwing swings again as Starscream screams ducking the blow]

Starscream: Casualties are an unfortunate consequence of war! But I assure you, your twin met his end with great honor!

Dreadwing: Which you disgraced by raising him from the dead!

Starscream: Oh, you know about that. There must be something I can do, some form of reparation I can offer to alleviate your anguish!

Nightmare Moon: Dreadwing!

Tempest Shadow: You must listen!

Queen Chrysalis: Stop this at once!

Dreadwing: Your spark will suffice! [raises his sword]

Megatron: Dreadwing!

[Dreadwing turns and sees Megatron in the doorway]

Megatron: Stand down!

Dreadwing: This desecrator must pay for his actions!

Starscream: You call this loyalty, master?!

Nightmare Moon: Megatron, do something.

Tempest Shadow: Now.

Queen Chrysalis: Before Starscream gets killed!

Megatron: I said stand down! That is an order.

Dreadwing: One which I cannot follow.

[Dreadwing raises his sword again, screaming in rage. However, before he can take the killing blow, Megatron shoots him in the chest and he collapses to the ground, dead]

Starscream: I'm okay? I'm okay! [laughs maniacally] Lord Megatron, you have our eternal thanks.

Nightmare Moon: Thank goodness for that.

Tempest Shadow: That was close.

Queen Chrysalis: Too close for comfort.

Megatron: Do not ever make me regret which one of you I spared.

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