This is how Dreadwing attempts to kill James for obliterating SkyQuake in Stephen and the Scraplets.

[We view Thomas, James, Percy, Pinkie, Twilight and Rarity fighting Dreadwing and couple of Scraplets. One of them rams James, throwing him off a nearby cliffside]

James: [screaming]

Rarity: JAMES!!!!

Thomas: Oh, no!

[Dreadwing transforms and flies down the cliff after James. At the bottom of the cliff, James is lying in a heap of rubble, unconscious. Dreadwing transforms and lands before taking out his sword and raises it just above James' head]

Dreadwing: Remember this day, dear James. THAT YOUR SPARK MET IT'S END!!!!!

Rarity: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

[Three-Claw arrives and sees Dreadwing about to take the killing blow]

Three-Claw: DREADWING!

[Dreadwing lowers his sword as he turns to see Three-Claw standing nearby]

Three-Claw: Stand down!

Dreadwing: This shiny, vain engine must pay for what he did to my twin, SkyQuake!

Three-Claw: I said, stand down! That is an order.

Dreadwing: One which I cannot follow. [raises his sword, screaming in rage]

[Thomas and Percy arrive and Percy fends off Dreadwing's attack with his energy mace. Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie gallop over]

Percy: Go, Thomas! Take James back to base! I'll hold off Dreadwing and Three-Claw!

Thomas: Okay!

[Thomas picks up James and starts running. He then turns to Twilight, Pinkie, and Rarity]

Thomas: Come on, girls! We need to get out of here!

Pinkie: No, I'm not leaving Percy! We have to stay together!

Percy: Pinkie, you must get out of here now!

Pinkie: No! I'm not leaving you!

Percy: GO!!! NOW!!!!

[Twillight grabs Pinkie by the tail and drags her away]


Percy: [takes out his dual barrel machine gn and starts firing]

[Twilight and Rarity gallop after Thomas, dragging Pinkie  as the tank engine looks back at the battle behind them. Thomas then activates his COMM]

Thomas: Ratchet, open the Space Bridge! We're coming back and James is unconscious.

Ratchet: Coming right up!

[A Space Bridge opens and Thomas, Twilight, Pinkie, and Rarity run through it. They arrive back on the Nemesis and Thomas produces an unconscious James to Ratchet, who immediately tends to him. Smokescreen suddenly realises that Percy isn't there]

Smokescreen: Where's the little green saddletank?

Thomas: Percy? He's back on the battle field fighting the Scraplets and Dreadwing.

Optimus Prime: That's not possible.

Arcee: I thought we got rid of those feisty things years ago.

Megatron: And I thought I killed Dreadwing!

Thomas: But now it turns out, that you were both wrong.

Ratchet: Thomas is right, Dreadwing was revived by Soundwave, since he used the Forge of Solus Prime to do that and had somehow gained control of the Scraplets by hypnotising them.

Ari: Did you say, "Dreadwing"?

Thomas: Yes.

Ari: Oh that dreaded Decepticon. Back at Super Wing School we were huge rivals. He caused me alot of trouble.

Twilight: Like what?

Ari: He kept pushing me around like some boy from a homeless group of boys. It was like 3 or 4 times I had to tell him to back off, but he wouldn't listen. Until finally he was expelled from Super Wing School because of his bullying and, ever since he was young, he has continued to do bad things.

Thomas: That reminds me of Diesel. He was always pushy and rude. He even told lies and pulled pranks on us steamies.

Rarity: Ratchet, is James gonna be okay?

Ratchet: Yes. But it will be a while before he regains consciousness.

Rarity: Oh James, [she walks up to the unconscious engine] Don't fret, Ratchet will fix you. [she then gets on her knees and hunches and sobs]

Ultra Magnus: Thomas, come with me. I need to talk to you.

Thomas: Alright.

[the 2 leave the room and then go into another]

Thomas: What's up?

Ultra Magnus: You see, we never exactally gave you a back story of Ari.

Thomas: Yes?

Ultra Magnus: Well, when I was on Cybertron during the Transformer war, I encountered and rescued Ari as a Sparkling and brought her to the safety of Iacon. Then, after I left for Earth, Ari was placed at Super Wing School and we never saw each other until the day she joined us.

Thomas: You mean when we fought Starscream and his rebel droids.

Ultra Magnus: Yes.

Thomas: I don't want to spread the word, Ultra Magnus. So, if you want me to keep it a secret, that is what I will do.

Ultra Magnus: Thank you, Thomas.

[Meanwhile, in the other room, Rarity is still worried about James, who is still unconscious]

Rainbow Dash: Ugh! How long is he going to be in this state?!

Ratchet: As I told Rarity, Rainbow Dash. James is not dead, but unconscious. So it will be a while before he regains consciousness.

[Suddenly, Percy's voice comes in on the COMM. link]

Percy: (on COMM) [weakly] Pinkie.

Pinkie: Percy! Oh, thank Celestia you're alright!

Percy: [on COMM] No. I'm not fine, Pinkie. Ratchet, open the space bridge.

Ratchet: Already on it, Percy. [opens the Space Bridge and a heavily damaged Percy limps through]

Pinkie: [gasps] Percy, what did he do to you?

Percy: [weakly] Dreadwing gave me quite a going over. He damaged almost every part of me. [he sets down his ax and Mace]

Ratchet: I can see you are in need of repairs. Get on the berth, quick.

[Percy walks over to the berth and lays down on it. Pinkie starts to worry]

Pinkie: Don't worry, Percy. I won't let you die.

Percy: I'm not going to die, Pinks. I'm just damaged, that's all.

Twilight Sparkle: Do you think James will make it, Ari?

Ari: I don't know if he will, Twilight.

Twilight: Okay.

[Thomas and Ultra Magnus soon return]

Applejack: Wher' in Equestria have you two been?

Thomas: Well, just having a chit chat.

Applejack: Oh.

Thomas: [looks at the still unconscious James] James. [he walks over and places a hand on his friend's forehead] Listen. I have something to say even if you don't make it. I'm sorry this happened to you. I didn't mean for it to happen, it was the Scraplets fault. If you don't make it, James, I won't forget you. None of us will. I'm sorry. [removes his hand from James' forehead]

Rarity: [crying] James!

Ratchet: Remain calm, Rarity! Sheesh!

Rarity: Sorry! It's just I'm still worried about him.

Ultra Magnus: Well, try not to worry so much. Besides, Rarity, James will remain alive and well.

Thomas: Yeah. It's not like he's going to die right in front of you.

Rarity: Okay. I'll try not to worry so much. [sniffs]

[James suddenly groans]

James: Ugh!

Thomas: [gasps] James! He said something!

Rarity: [gasps]

James: [groans]

[James' eyes slowly begin to open. Rarity begins to smile]

James: What-What happened?

Rarity: James! You're alright! [hugs him] You're alright! [she kisses his face several times]

James: Of course I'm alright, Rarity. Why wouldn't I be?

[Thomas smiles]

Rarity: I thought you would never make it.

James: You kidding? I'm not leaving the most beautiful mare in this world.

[James hugs Rarity, petting her mane in the process, and smiles, but then looks at the damaged Percy]

James: [gasp] Percy! [runs over] What happened to you?

Percy: [weakly] Dreadwing damaged almost every part of me, James. It's going to take a few hours for Ratchet to get me repaired.

Thomas: Hang in there, Percy. I promise never to abandon you like that ever again.

[they shake their hands]

Percy: It's okay, Thomas. You didn't get me damaged, Dreadwing did.

[Thomas smiles at his best friend but then sees drips of Energon coming out of his leg]

Thomas: [gasps] Percy! You're leaking Energon!

Ratchet: [checks Percy and finds a big hole in his left leg] You're right, Thomas. Dreadwing gave Percy such a whack that he tore a hole in his leg.

Thomas: Then, if all the Energon leaks out...

Ratchet: [hangs his head] Yes. Percy will be gone forever.

[Thomas turns away from Ratchet and stares back at his friend. Percy stares back, smiling]

Thomas: [through whimpering] Percy.

Percy: Don't worry, Thomas. You'll be fine without me.

Skyla: Wait! Maybe I can use my magic to heal him.

Ratchet: You can try, Skyla. Your magic is Percy's only hope.

[Skyla places her horn on Percy's forehead and a blue light forms on it]

James: Can't you do it any faster?

Skyla: My magic is still low. So, it takes time.

Thomas: [sniffs] [through tears] Don't fret, Percy. Skyla will fix you.

Percy: [weakly] I hope so, Thomas. [shuts his eyes]

Twilight: Oh, I hope Skyla can save Percy.

Pinkie: Me too, Twilight. [turns to her injured tank engine] Please don't leave me Percy, [sniffs] I love you like a brother! [then her mane deflates]

Percy: [snaps his eyes open again] As I told you, Pinkie. I'm not dying. And I promise, I won't leave you.

Pinkie: Thank you for saying that, Percy. [sniffs] That makes me feel a lot better.

Percy: [pets Pinkie's deflated mane] You're welcome, Pinks.

Ari: [scans Percy] Ugh! My scanners can't find any cures for Percy's condition.

Optimus Prime: Hold on a sec. [everyone turns to him] I do believe there is one cure. It is called Cyber Matter. And it is located on Cybertron.

Ari: Of course! Cyber Matter! [checks her scanners] It says that Cyber Matter is located in the Jungles of Cybertron.

Pinkie: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go get it!

Ratchet: Alright! But let's just hope that the Scraplets don't interfere.

Thomas: I'll go also! If it helps to save my best, best friend.

Skyla: I'll keep helping Ratchet with keeping Percy going.

Thomas: Thank you, Skyla.

[Ratchet opens the Space Bridge and Thomas, Ari, Optimus, Arcee, Megatron, Knock Out, and the ponies [all except Pinkie] step through]

Pinkie: Come on, Percy. Stay with me for a few more minuets.

Percy: [weakly] I'll try, Pinks.

Skyla: [continues to try and heal Percy]

Ratchet: I just hope they can get the Cyber Matter in time.

Pinkie: Me too, Ratchet. [stares back at Percy]

Ratchet: Hang in there, Percy. Thomas has gone to get the medicine for your condition.

Percy: I'm sure he will, Ratchet. Skyla can keep me going whilst he's gone.

Ratchet: Maybe so. But by the time he gets it and nearly all the Energon inside you leaks out, there will be very little time.

Skyla: I won't let that happen.

Ratchet: I know you won't, Skyla. You just keep Percy going until Thomas gets back.

Skyla: I'll try my best, Ratchet.

Ratchet: [sees Breakdown heading for the Space Bridge] Breakdown, where are you going?

Breakdown: What does it look like? I just can't leave Knock Out fighting bad guys out there all by himself.

Ratchet: Knock Out will be fine, Breakdown. I assure you.

Breakdown: But he'll need my help. If those metal eating monster chew him to scrap, I'll never forgive myself.

Gordon: He's right, Knock Out's one of us. I'll go with him.

Trixie: Trixie agrees. I shall go too.

Rainbow Dash: I'll help. [cocks her M4]

Sunset Shimmer: I'm in too.

Toni: You'll need my tool kit.

Hogi: I'll go too. I'm fast.

Ratchet: Opening Space bridge now.

[the space bridge opens up]

Breakdown: [steps forward] Let's go! [transforms into his truck mode]

Gordon: [transforms] Come on!

Toni: Let's hurry! [He and Hogi transform]

[the group moves into the portal, closely followed by Toni and Hogi. It then closes behind them]

Ratchet: [turns to Skyla] Keep going, Skyla.

Skyla: [continues working her magic on Percy]

Cadance: You're doing a great job, sweetie.

Skyla: Thanks, Mommy.

Percy: [weakly] I hope Thomas gets back in time.

Cadance: I'm sure he will, Percy. After all, he's your best friend.

Percy: [sighs] I know.

Ratchet: Please hurry Thomas.

Rattrap: I don't understand why Breakdown and Knock Out care about each other. I'd hate to see both of them get chewed to scrap.

Dinobot: Quiet, Cheese Lips!

Rattrap: What did you say?

Dinobot: I said "quiet", eater of garbage!

Rattrap: That's it! [charges at Dinobot]

Ratchet: [halts Rattrap] Enough, you two! Stop it!

Rattrap: I am gonna make you pay, Lizard-Lips!

Dinobot: I'd take that back, if I were you!

Ratchet: Alright you two, knock it off!

Dinobot: Yes, Ratchet.

Rattrap: Sorry, Ratchet.

James: Don't those two ever quite it with the arguing?

Cheetor: Well, at least things couldn't get any worse.

[Meanwhile on Cybertron]

Ari: [scanning a river] I'm sure Cyber Matter flows through these rivers.

Thomas: We have to hurry or Percy's condition will get worse!

[all of a sudden, a truck which looks similar to Breakdown's vehicle mode drives up. It transforms into robot form, revealing it has a broken optic. Thomas suddenly gasps, having realised who it is]

Thomas: Cylas!

Cylas: I know who I am. Did you miss me, Knock Out?

Thomas: Knock Out, how does he know your name?

Knock Out: Because, He was my former partner once and I accidentally turned him into an Energon sucking Terrorcon.

Cylas: I do remember that day, Knock Out. But that's all in the past. And now, the future is what lies ahead. A chaotic future!

Ari: What are you talking about?

Cylas: I mean, once our plan is complete, the universe will be destroyed. But a new universe will replace it, in which I will rule.

Knock Out: No, you're wrong! You trust the Dazzlings!

Cylas: But the Dazzlings don't know that they can't trust me. Very soon, it won't be long before I rule both Earth and Cybertron!

[Thomas charges at Cylas but the MECH leader tackles him to the ground]

Cylas: Honestly, Thomas. If I wasn't here now, You would have got the cure for your friend's condition.

Ari: [aims a suction cup] You won't get away with this!

Cylas: [grabs it] Well, I already have! [swings Ari aside]

[the two groups continue fighting until Cylas gains the upper hand and throws Ari into the river]

Knock Out: Ari!

[Cylas cackles evilly and Knock Out jumps into the river. He finds Ari laying on the sea bed and brings her to the surface]

Knock Out: Are you okay?

Ari: Yeah. I'm fine.

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