Duck and Tech are here at the Opera and they Saw Marvin

Duck: Is that Melvin?

Tech: That's he's Grandpa.

Duck: Oh. What kind of world did we end up here?

Tech: Don't know, but we have to find out what's he's doing.

They went there and they made it to a Stage

Duck: This is a Stage.

Tech: Look! Someone coming!

They are hiding and they saw Bugs and his Friends made out of wood

Duck: Is that our Grandpa and his friends?

Tech: Mam. Those four are together even when they're made out of wood.

The goon put it here, and then a Crate just smash the Wooden of Bugs, Wile, Taz and Daffy

Both: (Gasp)

Tech: They're gonna crush them!

They saw the Goon heading to the Door

Duck: Hey!

They went off and they saw a Chest moving

Duck: Is someone in there?

Tech: I'll do this.

He Lockpick the Padlock and the chest it's open and they Lola

Both: Lola?

Lola: Thank you for saving me.

She gonna leave

Duck: Where are you going, Missy?

Lola: I'm going to help the Musketeers.

Tech: What can we do to help?

Lola: Who are you guys?

Tech: I'm Tech.

Duck: I'm Danger Duck. Daffy and Wile is our... Friend.

Lola: I see. Duck, Tech. The stages has been rigged from the machine to lure Bugs and the others into a horrible trap. If only, we could find a gadget to control it.

And they saw a Goon carried the Gadget

Goon 1: Lucky I remember. Look what I nearly forgot!

And he saw Duck, Tech and Lola

Goon 1: Eh? Whys the box sans Bunny?

Goon 2: OK, quit messing around.

Goon 3: But boss is losing is patient.

And they look at Duck, Tech and Lola

Lola: That's it! That's the one we need.

Duck: We're on it!

They are chasing the Goons to get the Gadget

All: Run for it!

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