Ace and Rev has awaken in The Grid with new outfits

Ace: Whoa. Where are we?

Rev: And What happen to our clothes? 

Ace: Maybe, this world is special... Wait, I know this world.

Then they saw a Floated Ship

Both: Wow!

Ace: We better go see it!

They went off and they saw a Ship

Ace: This is getting Awesome!

Then the Guards stop them

Guard: Halt! Identified. State your handle, Program.

Rev: Program? We don't have any handles. I'm Rev and this is Ace.

Guard: Verifying handle "Ace and Rev"...

Then they grab their Hands

Guard: Handle not found. Stray Program recognized.

Ace: Hey!

Rev: What are you doing?!

Guard: Isolating for Quarantine.

Ace: Quarantine! I don't like to be Quarantine!

They escape from them and they lost them

Rev: I think we lost them.

Ace: Not Really, Rev. Look.

They saw a Dog with Two disk and they are gonna fight him. Then 3 Animals are watching

Earl: From. He's alive.

Kelly: Look at that Weapons, they look different.

Jake: Dad. You created from the data, right?

Earl: Huh? No, I didn't... And I never seen one.

Then a Dog has run away

Ace: Who was he?

Rev: He's strange.

Kelly: You there. You're blades can we see them.

They saw them behind them

Ace: Um... Sure.

The Cat is looking at the blades

Kelly: This is amazing. What a Program. The Weapon and the Wielder.

Ace: Program? Not us. I'm Ace and this is Rev. This one called the Sword.

Jake: I'm Jake the Dog.

Ace: This world is like... Tron's World, was it?

Earl: You know Tron?

Ace: Of course. I met him... Long time ago.

Earl: Listen, that Program dog you fought is Tron.

Ace: That's Tron the Dog?!

Rev: You know him?

Earl: Tron used to be a good friend. Together, we created this place The Grid. Much like from the other side of the Human Program. It was something, well... But then CLU the Dog staged a coop. I have been exiled, and... Tron wound up getting derezzed. Or so I thought. CLU made him into a new Program called Rinz. That's the thing about Programs. Mess with the code just a little, and the whole nature and memory can change.

Ace: That's is... Bad! Hmm... Most of this is over my brain, But both Tron and this world do seem pretty different. Still, if that's really the Tron I knew, we can change him back.

Earl: Ah, that's a great idea.

He use his Power for the data

Earl: Of course. If we're lucky, CLU kept s backup of Tron's source code. He's a Program, after all. He'd a methodical like that.

Rev: So if we get Tron's "source code" back from CLU, we can put him back to normal, right?

Earl: That's right.

Ace: Great! Thanks, Doc!

They are gonna leave

Earl: Where are you going?

Rev: To find CLU.

Earl: Do you know where he is?

Ace: Oh, right.

They look down.

Kelly: You're a weird Animal User. You're nothing like Earl the Dog and Jake. Come on, you two. I'll show you the way.

Earl: Kelly, we have to keep moving.

Jake: Dad's right. What are you gonna do if Rinz attack again?

Kelly: If we're in a hurry, we have to take care of Rinz first.

Ace: The Three of us can handle this.

Earl: Well... Okay, do what you can. Maybe you, Rev and Ace can help Tron.

Jake: Dad, you can't.

Earl: Don't worry. I have a feeling Ace and Rev is someone we can help. You and me need to press on.

Jake: (Sigh) Alright. Kelly, be careful.

Kelly: You too.

They left

Kelly: Okay, it's you, Rev and me. Right, Ace?

Ace: Yep. Let's do it, Kelly.

Kelly: CLU should be at the helm of his battleship, the Rectifier. We can get tthere with a Solar Sailer from the underground docks.


CLU the Cat is looking at the Disk and it shows Ace and Rev with a Sword

CLU: A Sword?

He give it back to him

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