Drilldoze is an evil villain and the secondary antagonist of The Crystal Empire Part 1 and The Crystal Empire Part 2. He is one of the main antagonists of season 3.


Drilldozer was once a mining bot on the planet of Tallos 5. At some point in his life, Hero Factory scientists gave the local mining bots augments in their fingers which could absorb fuel cells rather than having to constantly recharge. This adjustment was flawed, however, as Drilldozer could absorb more fuel than his body could handle. He eventually gained an addiction to fuel and became corrupt. He, along with several other fuel-addicting bots, left the planet in search of that fuel. He has since committed crimes of breaking and entering, robbery, assault, and sabotage. He once came up against an entire squad of Heroes, only to render them in need of medical care. Their travels eventually led them to Tanker Station 22, where they started siphoning all of the fuel. The Alpha 1 Team was sent in to stop them, though the villains managed to gain the upper-hand. Stormer, Surge, and Breez tried to take on the hulking brute, though they were defeated easily. As the Heroes were surrounded, Surge managed to draw the villains away while the Alpha Team escaped. The Heroes later returned to the Refueling Station after being Upgraded and started to battle the villains once more. Drilldozer took on Breez and Furno, who believed they were fused together, though Nex and Evo arrived before the villain could land any blows. Breez was able to strike Drilldozer in the back and cuff him up. He and his allies are now at the Hero Factory, where they're being cleansed of their fuel addiction.

My Little Pony Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic

Season 3

The Crystal Empire Part 1 and The Crystal Empire Part 2

He later returned along with Fire Lord, Nitroblast, and Jetbug to take over the Crystal Empire and steal its energy to make him and his allies powerful to take over all of Equestria. To do this, he and his allies needed to find the Crystal Empire and steal the Crystal Heart

Season 5

The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1

He appeared in an alternate timeline where he and the Fire Villains have

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