Dudley Puppy
Dudley Puppy
is the hero and the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon tv series, T.U.F.F. Puppy. He is the very heart and soul of T.U.F.F. even though he's an airheaded and hyperactive, white and black, mixed-breed dog who usually wears nothing more than a shirt. Despite his lack of common sense he has been proven to be exceedingly clever (i.e. tricking the Chameleon into morphing into a mouse so Agent Jumbo, an elephant, would jump on him out of fear). Keswick's DNA analyzation shows that Dudley is the "perfect mix of every breed of dog known to man." Since each breed of dog has a special trait (Bloodhound's sensitive nose, Greyhound's speed, German Shepherd's brave heart). Dudley's overall natural skills makes him a formidable agent. Dudley also has bad habits of being gluttonous and childish. However, despite this eccentric personality; his bravery and advanced natural physical skills are an asset to T.U.F.F. in times of need and he can be pretty sensible when needed. He usually comes up with clever plans to stop his enemies, and he becomes more and more noble as time goes by. His catchphrase is "Hi gee gee," and he often says it whenever he's ready to jet out of the area.


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