Here's how the duel against Ernie and arriving on Kamino goes in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[We see Luna coming into Ernie's throne and Ernie sees her]

Princess Luna: Nice apprentice you have, Ernie.

Ernie: Princess Luna. What an honor to be with us.

Princess Luna: You surprised?

Ernie: You have underestimated me, Luna. Now you will experience what the full power of the Dark side is!

[He zaps her with a full blast]

Princess Luna: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

[she flies back and hits the wall as she falls to the ground, out cold]

[It cuts to the others and they arrive on Kamino]

Thomas: It's quiet. Too quiet.

[Thunder and lightning clash as they walk slowly till Pepper sees a red dot]

Pepper Clark: [gasps and she looks up] Guys! It's a trap!

[Then out of nowhere, Clone Equines fire at out heroes as they all fire back]

[It cuts back to Ernie and Luna]

Ernie: I have waited a long time for this moment, Luny.

[Princess Luna opens her eyes]

Ernie: [cackles evilly as she gets up] The Jedi are extinct at last.

Princess Luna: Oh, I don't think so! [force pushes him as he flies back and lands on his chair]

Princess Luna: If you're so powerful, why haven't you came back? [activates her lightsaber]

Ernie: [force leaps in front of her] You won't stop me. Darth Griffon will become more powerful than you think! [ignites a part of his darksaber]

Princess Luna: His fait will not be death, but your fate will!

[The 2 raise their lightsabers and they begin to clash. Then it cuts back to Brian and Chris, and Chris grabs Brian in the throat and prepares to kill him with his lightsaber. But Brian kicks him in the back, and kicks him down in the face and the 2 force grab and deploy their lightsaber, and it cuts back to Luna and Ernie as they enter a blade lock. They clash again and get into another blade lock. It cuts back to Chris and Brian they try to do a force push but they get thrown back, Chris does a orc leap and destroys a window and the 2 get sucked out and land on a platform]

[It goes back to luna and Ernie, Ernie force throws everything he's got a Luna. But she force grabs it and pushes it back at Ernie, but dodges it and he tries to zap Luna but she grabs it with her hooves and creates an explosion and Luna lands on the ground]

Ernie: [evil laughs] You've lost, sweet heart! [laughs evilly]

[it goes back to the battle of Kamino]

Cadance: There's the cloning factory, come on!

[Some of them race inside]

Edward: Alright. This must be where they make the clones.

Pinkie: Guys, look!

[There was Novo]

Princess Skystar: Mother! Thank goodness your alright!

[But Novo turns her head around and she has been corrupted with her Sombra eyes, black smokey trial!]

Princess Skystar: [gasps]

Twilight: Queen Novo!

[Then there were gun shots]

Sideshow Bob: We're here, morons!

Edd: What have you done with Princess Celestia?!

Bobby Briggs: We've transformed her into one of us! She's gonna be the Chicken Empire's inquisitor!

Adagio Dazzle: And we have treats for everyone!