(Mrs. Jumbo washes Dumbo)

(She smiles)

(Dumbo plays in the water until his bath is done)

(He trumpets)

(Mrs. Jumbo trumpets softly and quietly)

(Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo begin to play hide-and-seek)

(She pokes him)

(He runs around her back legs)

(He pulls her tail)

(She pokes him again)

(He runs but he falls down)

Beaver: (in Thumper's sister's voice) What's the matter?

Franklin's friends: (in Thumper's sisters' voice) What is it?

Rabbit: (in Thumper's voice) Did Dumbo fall down?

Goose: (in Thumper's sister's voice) Is he hurt?

(Dumbo smiles)

(Mrs. Jumbo smiles knowing that he is not hurt at all)

Mrs. Jumbo: (in Bambi's mother's voice) No. He's all right.

(She picks him up)

(They hug each other with their trunks)

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