The way Duncan got spooked and his accident goes into Yuna and the Monster of Blue Mountain Quarry.

Later that night.

Luke: It sure is drak tonight.

Spike: Remember what Gator said about your imaginations, Luke.

Luke: Just the haystick.

Spike: That's right.

Luke: It's only the Canterlot.

Spike: There you go, Luke.

Luke: Gator is right!

Meanwhile, Duncan have to deliver the slate stone.

Duncan: It sure is scary tonight, Skarloey.

Skarloey: Come on, Duncan.

Duncan: But, Skarloey.

Sir Handel: There's nothing to be scared of.

Duncan: I hope not.

Scootaloo: Come on, Duncan, We don't want anymore delama.

Duncan: Okay, Scootaloo.

On the way to Friendship Rainbow Kingdom.

Duncan: (sees something)

Gator: Hello.

Scootaloo: Gator.


Gator: (sighs) Not again.

With Luke and Spike.


Scootaloo: Duncan, Slow down!

Luke: What was that?

Spike: I don't know.


(Duncan was so scared and missed the red signal.)

Duncan: (crashes into the muddy marsh)

Gator: Duncan!

Luke: Oh, Duncan. I see you saw Gator, Percy's good friend.

Spike: What happened?

Scootaloo: Duncan was spooked and thought he saw a monster.

Duncan: I never would've guessed.

Gator: Are you okay, Scootaloo?

Scootaloo: I'm fine, Gator.

Gator: Duncan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Duncan: It's okay, Gator, It's not your fault, We all get scared sometimes. I can still remember the ghost of the old iron bridge, [studders] I can still see the flickering lights engine and hear the splash!

Scootaloo: Gator, you seriously need to get a new lamp.

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