This is a scene how Dusty gets a new look in Dusty and the Grand Galloping Gala.

Rarity: And here is the brand new Dusty Crophopper!

Dusty: What do you think?

Rainbow Dash: That look is AWESOME!!!!

Thomas: Great look, Dusty!

Twilight Sparkle: Great job, Rarity.

Rarity: Thanks.

Dusty: Thanks.

Skipper: You know.

Duck: Nice polish!

Princess Irene: Great!

Curdie: I love that look, Dusty.

Turnip: (meows)

Dusty: Now, with my new look, I am ready for the Gala.

Rarity: I am so sorry for not letting you speak out first Dusty, I just got carried away again.

Dusty: That's ok.

James: When will you go to the Gala?

Dusty: Next week is the Grand Galloping Gala.

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