Dusty, Come Home is the tenth episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


After being disappointed at by Princess Luna, Dusty Crophopper runs away and spend some time with Ishani in India.

The accident in the party

One night, Princess Yuna got home She was surprised by everyone. A birthday party is being held in her honor, Yuna is happy and overcome with emotion, However, when Squidward brings out the cake, Dusty came with his mechanical wings out of control after his rescue training and crashed into the Cake, Princess Luna was very disappointed when the party was ruined, Poor Dusty felt hurt.

Dusty runs away

That stormy night, Dusty decided to fly away and wrote a goodbye note, But didn't noticed that Princess Yuna overheard Dusty leaving and she felt sad.

Dusty spends time with Ishani

Later in India, Dusty lands and met up with Ishani, He explained why he left Canterlot, Ishani felt sorry for him and asked if he would like to fly with her and Dusty agreed and that made feel much better.

Searching for Dusty

Meanwhile at Canterlot, Princess Luna discovers the note, After reading the note, She felt very gulty for hurting Dusty's feelings, Meanwhile, Princess Yuna went on a search for Dusty, Suddenly, She was captured by Fat Cat and his Gang.

Dusty to the rescue

Dusty was hearing Yuna calling for help, So, he rushed in to the rescue with help from Ishani.

Dusty the Heroic Plane/The Hero Party and the Birthday Party

After Fat Cat and his gang were defeated, Dusty was a truly heroic airplane, Then Princess Luna Apologized to Dusty for scolding him and hurting his feelings and Dusty forgives her and everything got better as ready to celebrate Princess Yuna's Birthday Party.



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