This is where Dusty talks to Blaze and Crusher meets Ripslinger in Blaze's Big Race.

[Blaze is in his garage when Dusty Crophopper comes in]

Dusty: Uh, Blaze?

Blaze: [sighs] Dusty, like I said before, I don't wanna talk about it.

Dusty: But there's something I really need to tell you!

Blaze: Ugh, what is it?

Dusty: I just thought you could use uh... some help.

Blaze: Help? From who?

Dusty: Like from uh... Skipper.

Blaze: That old coursair down at the end of Propwash Junction Airport runway?

Dusty: Yeah. He's a war hero.

Blaze: He's an old crankshaft.

Dusty: But my buddy, Chug says that Skipper was a professional trainer in the Navy. And trust me, his stern looks really do make you feel shy.

Blaze: [scoffs] Easy for you to say.

Dusty: Yeah. I know. But you have to trust me.

Blaze: [looks back]

[A few hours later, Blaze and Dusty arrive outside Skipper's hanger]

Dusty: They say he shot down fifty planes. I heard stories of his squadron, the Jolly Wrenches. They were the roughest, toughest, most meanest planes in the Navy. Fierce killers who showed no fear.

Blaze: Uh-huh.

Dusty: No fear! They'd shoot ya as soon as they look at ya.

Blaze: I hope you were right about this. [looks back and sees no one] Dusty?

Dusty: [peeks out from behind some bricks] I'll wait here.

[The door opens and Dusty ducks out of sight. Skipper comes out, wearing a stern look on his face. Blaze rolls back a little and smiles shyly]

Blaze: Hey there, Skipper.

Skipper: You lucky to be number 51?

Blaze: I'm trying out for the big Dragon Island Duel. And

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