Here's how the dynamite hot potato, Thomas saving the construction site in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

[Soon we cut to Marion hitting her bucket on a rock]

The narrator: Marion was working on the next cutting. But the ground was very hard.

[Marion hits her bucket on the rock again]

Mario: Ow! Not more rock!

Oliver: We've run out of dynamite. We're waiting for a train at Brendan docks.

[Alfie unloads some dust from his bucket]

Marion: You should go, Oliver. You can make another wish, and turn yourself back into a railway engine again. [gasps]

Oliver: Ehhh, I don't really think that will work, Marion. [drops some wood from his bucket] Come on, gang! Let's go and wait for that dynamite!

[He and Alfie back up. Then it fades to Ryan who was smoking and coughing]

The narrator: By the time Ryan got back from the construction yard, he was coughing smoke, and spluttering sparks.

Thomas: Oh, dear, Ryan. You don't look very happy.

Ryan: Oh, oh no, Thomas. I'm probably got myself some bad coal. [chuckles]

[The shunter uncoupled Ryan from his cars]

Ryan: You're lucky you used that other hopper, this morning. Oh, oh fizzling fireboxes. Where's all that smoke coming from.

Evan: I'm not that quite so sure.

Thomas: [gasps] From your cars!

Ryan: My cars?! [looks back] But there filled with dynamite!


Ryan: They could explode! [he chuffs backwards and buffs them but Marion caught them]

Marion: Ohhh. What's this? More sparkling magic? [gasps] Wait a minute. [picks up the dynamite with her bucket] The dynamite. [she shows it in front of the audience] It shouldn't be on fire yet. [gasps and tries to blow out the fuses, but makes a big spark, and throws it to Alfie, and throws it to Mr. Great White]

Mr. Great White: AAH!!! Son, catch! [throws it to Sharky]

Sharky: WHOA!!! Not to me! Willy, you get rid of it! [throws it to him]

Willy: I'm on it, Sharky [catches it and tosses it to Mako]

Mako: [catches it] AAH!! [looks to and fro and then gives it to Eddy]

Eddy: AAAH!! Shining Armor quick, get this box outta here! [hands the box to Shining Armor]

Shining Armor [realizing he holds the box of lit dynamite] YOW!!! Eddy, don't give it to me! Throw it away from here! [He tosses Eddy the dynamite.]

Eddy: "Ach! You're Captain of the Royal Guard, you get rid of it!" [He throws it to Shining Armor.]

Shining Armor: Ed, get rid of this! [Ed captures it.]

Ed: "Hot potato!" [Edd catches it.]

Edd: "If I may interject–" [Eddy throws Edd at Catdog, and Catdog throws him to Ed.] "People, please! Control yourselves!" [Ed tosses Edd back to Armor.] "Wait! You're wasting time passing this dynamite when it could soon explode!" [Eddy catches Edd, and Edd clings to Eddy. Eddy tries to throw him.] "Eddy!" [Eddy throws Edd off the box of dynamite and throws it to Dag]

Dagget: Hloo! [gives it to Norb]

Norbert: HEE!! [gives it to Dag]

Dagget: Hloo! [gives it to Norb]

Norbert: HEE!! [throws it to Hiccup]

Hiccup: AAH!!

Astrid: Don't just hold it, get rid of it! [grabs the box and throws it]

Cadance: [catches it] WHOA!! [throws it, which lands near Toothless]

Toothless: [smacks the box away with his tail]

Timber: [catches it] Oh boy! [throws it to Splinter who throws it to Chomper, and then he throws near Stormfly, as she swats the box away with her tail but it lands in Jack's scoop]

Jack: Whoa!

Oliver: Get rid of it, Jack! Dispose of it!

[Jack throws it in the air, but it lands right back in the cars!]

Oliver: Safely.


Marion: [knocks them away and they roll back to Ryan]

Thomas: Ryan! Look out!

[A workmen switches them to Thomas' line]

Ryan: Oh, no!

J.J.: Quick, Thomas, the sinkhole!

[Thomas shunts them and Ryan is in front of him]

Ryan: WHOA!!!! THOMAS!!!!

[Then Sir Topham Hatt sees everything in his car]

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas?!

[Thomas goes faster and sees the fuse getting ready to burst]

Thomas: Out of the way, Ryan! [biffs him with the cars. And a workmen switches Ryan to another track] NOW!

[The workmen switches Thomas straight and Thomas puts on his brakes and the dynamite went flying in the air and exploded in a sink hole! Soon everyone came to congratulate Thomas]

Sharky: [sighs] That was close!

Mako: Uh, guys? One didn't go in! [holds up a bundle of dynamite still lit]

Falcon: Quick, put it out!

Mako: Ah! [blows on the fuse several times as it gets shorter and shorter and then it hits the dynamite but nothing happens]

Edd: Huh?

Astrid: Where's the "ka-bam"?

Mako: I guess it was just a dud.

[Norb and Dag sigh in relief but then the bundle of dynamite explodes anyway, leaving Norb and Dag in piles of dust, while Make is covered in soot]

Mako: [coughs] Uh, then again, [coughs] maybe not. [shakes off the soot] If I weren't a cartoon shark, I'd be dead as a doornail.


Marion: Oh.

Jack: Uh, oh.

Evan: Oh no.

J.J.: What now?

Sir Topham Hatt: What are you playing at now?! I thought you can be more responsible if I sent you to work here.

Thomas: But sir, this time it's really not my fault, I...

Sir Topham Hatt: No, Thomas! I had quite enough with your excuses! Go to your shed immediately! And you can stay there for the rest of the afternoon! And everyone else can get back to work!

[he then leaves]

[Norb and Dag reform back to themselves again]

Dagget: [stutters] What?! Him! You! The dynamite! That fat, stupid spoot-head! He can't treat Thomas like that!

Norbert: Indeedio! Even after he just saved the construction site, from major destructionona!

Shining Armor: [looks up to where Sir Topham Hatt's car was and then he starts walking]

Dog: Hey, where you going?

Shining Armor: I've had enough of this! It was bad enough with the coaches and the sinkhole, but this... is too far!

Cadance: Indeed, we're gonna give that unreasonable man a piece of our minds!

Shining Armor: J.J., can you take us to Knapford?

J.J.: Of course I can. Hop on.

[the 2 hop on and J.J. sets off]