Here's how the dynamite hot potato, Thomas saving the construction site, and how arguing with Sir Topham Hatt goes in Little Bear's Adventures of Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.

The narrator: The sun was higher in the sky. As Thomas came back into the yard.

Ryan: Morning Thomas. Morning Little Bear, Brian, Sylveon, and guys.

Little Bear: Good morning, Ryan.

Ryan: Huh, your up early.

[Thomas chuffs back for his freight cars]

Ryan: Huh, did I see you out pushing a sail boat?

Thomas: No, Ryan. You didn't.

Ryan: Oh. I guess it was a dream.

Thomas: I guess it was Ryan.

Ryan: I was still half asleep.

[Thomas gets coupled to his freight cars]

Thomas: What are you doing?

Ryan: I'm filling up with coal. Sir Topham Hatt is sending me to the docks to collect some cars.

Meg: [to herself] I knew he was going to say that.

Ryan: Oh, did you wanna go first?

Thomas: No, no. That's alright. I think I'll use the... other hopper.

Duck: Yeah, the other hopper's much nicer.

Ryan: Oh. Oh, okay.

[Thomas soon puffs away]

The narrator: Ryan was taking the bad coal from the old hopper. But Thomas, Little Bear, Brian, Sylveon, or the others didn't say anything to warn him.

[Soon we cut to Marion hitting her bucket on a rock]

The narrator: Marion was working on the next cutting. But the ground was very hard.

[Marion hits her bucket on the rock again]

Marion: Ow! Not more rock!

Oliver: We've run out of dynamite. We're waiting for a train at Brendan docks.

[Alfie unloads some dust from his bucket]

Marion: You should go, Oliver. You can make another wish, and turn yourself back into a railway engine again. [gasps]

Oliver: Ehhh, I don't really think that will work, Marion. [drops some wood from his bucket] Come on, gang! Let's go and wait for that dynamite!

[He and Alfie back up. Then it fades to Ryan who was smoking and coughing]

The narrator: By the time Ryan got back from the construction yard, he was coughing smoke, and spluttering sparks.

Thomas: Oh, dear, Ryan. You don't look very happy.

Ryan: Oh, oh no, Thomas. I'm probably got myself some bad coal. [chuckles]

[The shunter uncoupled Ryan from his cars]

Ryan: Your lucky you used that other hopper, this morning. Oh, oh fizzling fire boxes. Where's all that smoke coming from.

Flareon: Well don't look at me, I didn't do anything.

Thomas: [gasps] From your cars!

Ryan: My cars?! [looks back] But there filled with dynamite!


Ryan: They could explode! [he chuffs backwards and buffs them but Marion caughts them]

Marion: Ohhh. What's this? More sparkling magic. [gasps] Wait a minute. [picks up the dynamite with her bucket] The dynamite. [she shows it in front of the audience] It shouldn't be on fire yet. [gasps and tries to blow out the fuses, but makes a big spark, and throws it to Alfie, and throws it to Jack]

Jack: Whoa!

Oliver: Get rid of it, Jack! Despose of it!

[Jack throws it in the air, but it lands right back in the cars!]

Oliver: Safely.

Marion: Not back in the cars, silly! [knocks them away and they roll back to Ryan]

Thomas: Ryan! Look out!

[A workmen switches them to Thomas' line]

Ryan: Oh, no!

[But Thomas shunts them and Ryan is in front of him]

Ryan: WHOA!!!! THOMAS!!!!

[Then Sir Topham Hatt sees everything in his car]

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas?!

[Thomas goes faster and sees the fuse getting ready to burst]

Thomas: Out of the way, Ryan! [biffs him with the cars. And a workmen switches Ryan to another track] NOW!

[The workmen switches Thomas strait and Thomas puts on his brakes and the dynamite went flying in the air and exploded in a sink hole! Soon everyone came to congregate Thomas]

Chris: Well done Thomas!

Leafeon: Yes, you save the construction site!


Marion: Oh.

Jack: Uh, oh.

Owl: It's Sir Topham Hatt.

Sir Topham Hatt: What are you playing at now?! I thought you can be more responsible if I sent you to work here.

Thomas: But sir, this time it's really not my fault, I...

Sir Topham Hatt: No, Thomas! I had quite enough with your excuses! Go to your shed immediately! And you can stay there for the rest of the afternoon! And everyone else can get back to work!

Little Bear: No, Sir Topham Hatt! He's not going anywhere!

Sir Topham Hatt: Excuse me, Little Bear?

Brian: Hey, don't get started with him, Sir Topham Hatt! Thomas didn't do anything wrong!

Sylveon: He's right! He just save the construction site from all that dynamite when Ryan took that bad coal! His sparks light up and the dynamite had fused up!

Sir Topham Hatt: No! I don't believe it! I saw what I saw, Thomas is a really mischievous engine!

Little Bear: Mischievous? MISCHIEVOUS?! Sir, you saw what Thomas did! He helped James with the breakdown train, he saved the Island of Sodor from Diesel 10 when he was preparing to destroy the Magic Railroad! And restored Lady!

Sir Topham Hatt: That's all in the past, Little Bear. But what he did....

Sylveon: For you! You think that's all in the past, but he saved the freaking construction from the dynamite you fat moron!

[Everyone gasp!]

Thomas: Sylveon!

Sir Topham Hatt: How dare you called me a "fat moron"! Alright, that tears it! Little Bear, you, Brian, Sylveon, and the rest of your friends are banned from the Island of Sodor once the new branch line is done!

[he then leaves as Thomas felt sad]

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