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The Earth Golem

The Golem is a giant lava monster that was controlled by Malefor during the three years that SpyroCynder and Sparx were trapped in the Time Crystal. It is the first major enemy that they have encountered, and made its debut and only appearance as the secondary antagonist in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.

In the Spongebob Series

the earth golem is Malefor's monsterious viseroy of Malefor's army of dark spawn.

it has made a surprase appearence in SpongeBob and Friends meet Dinosaur, however, mentioned by Oogway's ghost, it eventally disappears after it dones it's perpuse and chased the lougers off of prehistoric madagascar. dispite the ovious fact that it's a brutal giant lava and rock theme monsteriosiy, Spyro and Cynder had defeated it before.

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