Easterling Soldier

Easterlings, are type of people native to the eastern lands of Rhun. They are notorious for fighting alongside orcs and other enemies.

People and Culture

Not much is known about the people of Rhun, but they are quite similar to people of Persian, North African, and East-Asian Culture. They can be nomadic from time to time, and they are expert horsemen; they can be tall, a little taller than average men and sallow-skinned, thou some are short and swarthy, some were even beared like dwarves. Their eyes are dark and their hair is said to be straight and black. They're also said to be extremely wealthy and a well advanced people.

The Easterling army fight with great skill and various types of warfare. Their cavalry includes armored horsemen and chariots ridden the so-called, Wainriders, and some easterling soldiers known as the Balchoth are said to be a primative and savage force who are note as advanced. The Variags of Khand, are also said to fight among the armies of rhun and may be a related culture, they are similar to nomadic horsemen of central asian culture like the mongols. Because of their great wealth, The Easterling military have demonstrated to have well-crafted armory and weaponry, including great golden axes and spears. It's even been said that, Easterling women fought with men, notable to defend their children.



  • Khamul; one of the nine Nazgul, is an easterling king, thus a ruler of Rhun.
  • While Similar to the Haradrim, The easterlings do not come from Harad or any place of the south; hence why they are called "Easterlings" where as the haradrim are referred to as "Southrons" ergo the two peoples are not to be mixed up.

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