Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures Chronicles is an upcoming television series to be created by Stuingtion.

List of characters



  • The Krankers
  • Dawn Bellwether
  • Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, Nightmare Hiro, Nightmare Trix, Grim Covert, Amaya, & Starfall, Princess Black Hole, Nightmare Rarity, Princess Twivine Sparkle
  • Timothy the Ghost Engine

List of episodes

Season 1

  1. The CMC's Horror Pizza Night
  2. Just One Little Bite
  3. The Rocket Car Rides Again
  4. Blythe's Hot Property
  5. Pranks, Jokes, and Xenomorphs
  6. The Secret of Willy
  7. I was a Teenage Seal
  8. Lofty the Rescue Crane
  9. The Missing Ice Cream Deliveries
  10. Bonjour Monsieur
  11. Nasty Pizza Puff
  12. Mad Seal Disease
  13. Zoe and Pepper's feud
  14. The Bad Sing Along Song
  15. Mako's Sing Along Songs: The End of Mako's Songs?!
  16. The Jaw Breaker Factory Caper Part 1
  17. The Jaw Breaker Factory Caper Part 2

Season 1 End Movie: The Search for Neil

Season 2

  1. The Race For Blythe Part 1
  2. The Race For Blythe Part 2
  3. The Race For Blythe Part 3
  4. Snakes, Cobras, and Mongooses
  5. The Dark Plot
  6. The Tempting Voyage
  7. The Duchess of
  8. The Spy Squad's Mission
  9. Lost in the Deserts
  10. Missing in Action
  11. Point of No Return
  12. Naughty Nautical Bros
  13. The Super Truck Part 1
  14. The Super Truck Part 2

Season 2 End Movie: The Last Train Prime

Season 3

  1. The Young Giraffe
  2. The Kind Centaurette
  3. Undersea War
  4. Mermaid and Seapony Attack
  5. Prisoners
  6. Runaway Skunk Train
  7. TCI: Runaway Skunk Train
  8. The Good, The Bad, and the Diary
  9. History of the Bills Family

Season 3 End Movie: Lost in the Old Republic

Season 4

  1. The Fastest Engine Ever
  2. The Good Ol' Memories
  3. The Grouping
  4. Test of Skill and Strength
  5. To the Rescue!
  6. A Unlikely Bond

Season 4 End Movie: The Chronicles of Equestria: Return of the Centaur Princess

Season 5

Finale Movie: The Final Last Stand