Ed-ventures of SLOTLT
Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of Thomas and Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure
is a T&F/Cartoon Network crossover to be made by Stuingtion.


Thomas the Tank Engine is running his branch line with his two faithful coaches Annie and Clarabel while trying to spot Bertie in order to have a race. Annie and Clarabel warn him not to yet Thomas becomes conceited leading him to nearly having collisions with rail-workers and Toby with his faithful coach Henrietta. Bertie now confident of winning the race suddenly gets stuck behind Oliver the Excavator leading to Thomas taking the lead. As Oliver turns round a corner, Bertie races away, and The Thin Clergyman is seen riding a bike and looking in Thomas' direction. Thomas then arrives at Ffarquar while Annie and Clarabel warn him not too race as The Fat Controller would be cross. Bertie then arrives fuming claiming that he keeps getting stuck behind Excavators ever since Construction of the new branch line from Arlesburgh Harbour to Harwick. Annie and Clarabel are worried about what the Fat Controller will do to their Branch Line if there is a new one being built but Thomas, still conceited, is certain nothing will happen as he's the Fat Controllers Number 1 engine.

Meanwhile, Marion the Steam-Shovel is on the Arlesburgh Branch Line heading to the construction of the new Branch Line. While admiring the beautiful scenery she gets shocked as she sees two miniature objects race past her and then decides to close her eyes, in case she's seeing things. This leads to her colliding with Oliver the GWR Engine and Toad. When Toad explains about the incident to Oliver, Marion moves forward to apologise but is scared away as she sees a miniature red object race past her. Toad introduces her to Mike, then Rex and finally Bert asking if she'd never seen a miniature engine before. Marion agrees that she'd never seen such a small engine, asking if they're real causing the three small engines to explain that they deliver ballast, wool and passengers for the larger engines. Marion convinced that the engines must be Magic, follows Oliver and Toad to the branch line and while explaining about the usefulness of diggers gets passed by a larger engine. Meanwhile further down the line Duck is shunting trucks to help with construction when he gets a surprise and sees Donald and Douglas who he claims he hadn't seen for a long time. The twins claim that they only were gone a few minutes to get some rails and sleepers. Meanwhile Jack and Alfie are helping with construction when Oliver the Excavator joins them and all three help in the construction of the new Branch-Line.

The next morning Thomas takes longer to start than usual despite PercyJames and Henry trying to wake him up so he can go and fetch Gordon's coaches but Thomas refuses saying 'Gordon can wait'. Meanwhile Gordon waits crossly as he's full of steam but there's no express until Thomas eventually enters the yard, this excites Annie and Clarabel but Thomas explains that he can't pull them until he fetches 'Lazy Gordon's coaches'. Gordon explains that tender engines don't shunt as their too big and that silly little tank engines like Thomas are the right size for shunting. This annoys Thomas so he cheekily pushes the express coaches down the line opposite which angers Gordon and Thomas claims Gordon will have to catch him. Toby shouts at Thomas warning him that the signal is Red. Thomas suddenly realises this and brakes hard leading to express coaches colliding with Emily and later all derailing badly causing their to be huge confusion and delay. Meanwhile Marion is helping with construction and decides to play a game. After failing with Donald, she spots Oliver the Excavator and upon introducing herself is shocked to find out his name is Oliver as Oliver should be a Great Western Tank Engine not a Digger and believes that the small engines must have changed Oliver from a tank engine into a digger. As both move away it is shown that the ground is badly worn out. Back at the station the Fat Controller is very cross, Thomas tries to blame the fault on Gordon and Emily but the Fat Controller tells Thomas that is was 100% his fault and that his punishment is that he is to be sent to shunt trucks at the construction of the new Branch-Line. Thomas asks about his own branch line when a Purple Tank Engine arrives claiming that he needs to help on a Branch-Line. The Fat Controller introduces the new engine as Ryan who he claims will take over Thomas' Branch Line while Thomas is sent away at the construction of the new Branch-Line which deeply upsets Thomas.

Meanwhile back on the new Branch-Line the ground at the recently dug cutting is unstable and the men only just stop Donald from passing over it. Danger signs were put up and and the men had plans to re-route the track meaning Donald, Douglas and Marion had to back-away. Meanwhile back on Arlesdale the three small engines where just collecting ballast when Bert sees Thomas arriving who is very upset and asks him why to which Thomas explain about Ryan replacing. When Rex asks why Thomas explains that Gordon had annoyed him by calling him a silly little Tank Engine leading Mike and Bert to explain that Big engines always look down and think they're better than small engines. Rex, Bert and Mike then sing the song, 'Never Overlook a Little Engine'. After the song, the three small engines explain to Thomas that the men need to lay down rails and sleepers first and then Ballast after but what they don't realise is that their song makes Thomas overconfident as he steams off with ballast trucks. Upon arriving in the construction yard, Thomas spots flatbeds full of rails and sleepers and upon being uncoupled from the ballast trucks, then couples up to the flatbeds and pushes them away. Upon pushing the flatbeds men wave and shout at Thomas to try and warn him about the danger but instead Thomas thinks they are cheering him on so he pushes the Flatbeds further, right past the danger sign. While passing over unstable track it starts to crumble into a cavern. Thomas realising his mistake applies his brakes on firmly. The ground becomes so unstable that the flatbeds start falling into the cavern and due to them being so heavy they start dragging Thomas into the cavern. His driver and fireman jump clear as Thomas falls from Flatbed to Flatbed, deeper and deeper to the bottom of the cavern. Once at he bottom Thomas spots an old pirate ship which he cannot believe is there. Meanwhile Ryan arrives at Knapford Yards to pick up Annie and Clarabel and buffers up to them a little too roughly and both coaches are confused claiming that they were expecting Thomas.

Meanwhile back on the new Branch-Line Duck brings Rocky to help lift Thomas out of the cavern. Too make matters worse The Fat Controller is waiting outside and is infuriated claiming Thomas has made two mistakes in one day. Thomas once again tries to blame it on the fact that no-one told him but The Fat Controller didn't believe him. Before Thomas can try to tell the Fat Controller about the pirate ship he orders that Emily takes Thomas to the Steamworks to get his firebox fixed. While Rocky is placing Thomas on Emily's Flatbed a mysterious man dressed as a Sailor with his sailing boat are spying on them. The man constantly shouts at his bout for bobbing about which doesn't give him a clear view of the cavern. Later at the Steamworks Victor tells Thomas that he'll soon be repaired but Thomas claims that there is no rush as the Fat Controller replaced him with Ryan to run his Branch-Line, but Victor claims that the Fat Controller wants Thomas back in working order as soon as possible. Kevin tells Thomas that he needn't worry about pushing the trucks underground as he always drops something and still works at the Steamworks, too which Victor replies 'only just' and Kevin presently falls. Edward arrives and tells everyone that Rocky found a pirate ship at the bottom of the cavern to which Thomas is annoyed by as he found the pirate ship. Meanwhile at the Branch-Line Rocky slowly and carefully lifts the Pirate Ship out of the Cavern and the Fat Controller calls him a really useful crane and says the ship will be taken down to Arlesburgh Harbour and put on display. Alfie wonders how the ship got into the cavern, Jack thinks that it maybe like a model ship in a bottle but Donald and Douglas believe that their must have been away to sail into the cavern. Marion thinks that if there's a buried Pirate Ship there's bound to be buried Treasure and gets excited over the thought and claims that's her wish.

Meanwhile Mike is placing ballast on the chute and is shocked to see Marion coming back who keeps on calling out, Magic Engines. Bert wonders what Marion is talking about and Rex claims she's talking about Mike and Mike questions why. Rex claims Marion might think Mike's magical, then leaves and Bert claims he's not interested to find out and follows close behind. After Mike is uncoupled from the ballast trucks he tries to escape but Marion prevents him from doing so with her shovel. Mike tries to push away the shovel but Marion holds him back and makes a wish about how she'd like to be the one to dig up the treasure. Eventually Mike manages to overcome the shovel and puffs quickly away. Marion believes she made her wish as Mike disappeared in smoke like Magic. Meanwhile Donald and Douglas pull the pirate ship across sodor startling children and people until they reach Arlesburgh Harbour and their the mysterious sailor man and his sailing boat look on. That night Henry gets a fright as he spots the man and his boat and thinks they are a ghost leading to him crashing into some buffers. The next morning Henry tells James, Edward, SaltyCrankyPorterBill and Ben about the ghost boat. James, Cranky, Bill and Ben initially don't believe him but Salty then tells the Engines the tale about the lost Pirate, Captain Callas, who used to rome the seas surrounding Sodor, attacking ships and stealing all the merchants Gold and Jewellery and adding them to his Treasure. The merchants and the navy tried to get the treasure back but the lost pirate hid the ship in a cavern where the merchants couldn't find them and buried his treasure deep down underground. But one windy day the map blows away and today the Ghost of the Pirate romes Sodor today looking for his treasure. Cranky still not believing in Salty's story claims that it isn't true yet Henry believes that it is.

Meanwhile Thomas, repaired was just returning to the construction Yard when he passes through Arlesburgh Harbour and spots the enormous pirate ship still annoyed that Rocky took all the credit for finding the ship. Meanwhile the sail boat looks upon the ship as the mysterious sailor man boards it. Thomas arrives at the construction yard and upon filling up with coal at on hopper he spots the Fat Controller talking to Ryan who has started to work on the new Branch-Line ever since Thomas' accident. Thomas asks the Fat Controller if he can return to his Branch-Line but the Fat Controller says no and that Thomas still has to work new Branch-Line before he can return to his old one and that Percy will be looking after his Branch-Line. Thomas is now upset claiming he is no longer the Fat Controller's Number one Engine. Marion now certain her wish will come true starts bragging about it to Alfie and Oliver and later tricks them into believing she's found the treasure when she only found more rocks. By the time Thomas arrived at the Arlesdale Junction he was coughing out soot and sparks. Rex questions what's wrong to which Thomas replies that Ryan is making his firebox fume with anger. Mike claims that Ryan isn't a magician and can't make Thomas cough out soot and Bert, upon choking of some of Thomas' sparks claims that Thomas must have taken the wrong coal which is making him cough out fumes. The small engines insist that Thomas remove his bad coal as that will never make him Really useful. That night Thomas' fireman starts cleaning out Thomas' firebox of all the bad coal that lies with his firebox and instead takes some fresh coal from the new hopper to make Thomas feel better before he heads his way to the shed. However much to his disappointment he find Ryan in the shed who invites Thomas into the shed to join him as there's plenty of space. Thomas however refuses as he resents Ryan for taking away his Branch-Line and thinks that he might overtake Thomas in becoming the Fat Controller's number 1 and instead decides to sleep on a siding.

That night Thomas is awoken and spots the Ghost Boat and decides to follow it. He follows it right towards cavern which he previous fell in and sees that the boat is not a Ghost Boat but instead a Railboat. He then hits a piece of metal which startles the mysterious sailor man who question Thomas about who he is and why he is following them. Thomas tells the man his name and also tells him that he found the cavern and the pirate ship but is annoyed that Rocky took the credit for it. The man starts laughing and claims that Thomas and him are friends due to Thomas' discovery of the pirate ship. The man introduces himself as Sailor John and his boat rolls alongside Thomas and introduces himself as Skiff and reveals that they are trying to find the treasure. When Thomas questions what Treasure, Sailor John explains that where there are pirate ships there will also be Treasure and him and Skiff plead that Thomas join them which he agrees. Thomas begins to lower Sailor John into the cavern until he finally tells Thomas to stop. Skiff explains to Thomas that him and Sailor John have been searching for Captain Callas' lost ship and treasure for over many years but Thomas found it before they did before a gust of wind blows him forwards. Thomas questions Skiff on how he became a sailboat and skiff explains that Sailor John gave him wheels to search on Land but he wishes he could be a real engine. Thomas tries to cheer Skiff up by telling him that Sailing must be fun but Skiff reveals that he doesn't enjoy putting his face in the water. Sailor John then calls out due to him finding the Map but when Thomas is pulling him out the cavern he notices a slight worried expression on Skiff's face. Once Sailor John is out of the Cavern he and Skiff realise it's daylight so they tell Thomas that they can no longer continue expedition as they claim to have forgot the shovels and Skiff's to small to travel at day time when the big engines are out. Once Sailor John is aboard Skiff the sailboat tries to move but due to the lack of breeze he can't and both ask Thomas, who agrees, to push them to Arlesburgh Harbour. Thomas pushes Skiff as fast as a real engine as they pass a half sleeping Ryan who thinks he's dreaming. However, Mr. Great White notices and follows close behind. Once at Arlesburgh Harbour Thomas releases Sailor John and Skiff into the sea. As Mr. Great White watches.

Later in the morning Thomas comes back into the Yard, when Ryan starts asking about seeing him pushing a sailboat. Thomas quickly tells Ryan that he wasn't and Ryan accepts that he must have been dreaming. Ryan then pulls up next to old coal plant to fill up with coal as the Fat Controller wanted him to collect some trucks from Brendam Docks but Thomas didn't warn him about the bad coal. Then Mr. Great White talks to Thomas and tells him that he saw him pushing Skiff. The others walk up, and Mr. Great White explains that Sailor John shouldn't be trusted. But Thomas brushes it off. Then Mr. Great White explains that he once encountered Sailor John and that he stole something from him.

Marion and the Pack are struggling to break the rocks without the dynamite from Brendam Docks. Marion suggests that Oliver changes from a Digger into a Tank Engine in order to head to the Docks which the pack disagree with. By the time Ryan returned with his trucks he was coughing soot and sparks, by which Thomas initially mocks him while Ryan pleasantly thinks he took some bad coal claiming Thomas to be lucky to use the other hopper. Suddenly Ryan smells a strange burning smell and Thomas realizes that it's coming from Ryan's Trucks and Ryan in Terror realizes that it must be the dynamite in his trucks so pushes them away quickly towards Marion. Marion lifts up the dynamite before realizing it's lit, and fails to blow it out, throws it over towards Alfie who then throws it over towards Mr. Great White, but then he throws it to Eddy who throws it to Shining Armor, but he throws it back to him, but Eddy throws it back, so Armor throws it to Ed, who passes it to Edd. Then Eddy throws Edd at Catdog, and Catdog throws him to Ed. Ed tosses Edd back to Armor, who throws him to Eddy. Then Eddy throws it to Dag, who gives it to Norb, but Norb throws it to Hiccup, which Astrid swipes and then throws to Cadance, then Candace throws it near Toothless, then he smacks it away, Jack who catches it and then throws it back into the trucks. Marion realising the mistake shoves the trucks away towards Ryan. The shunter quickly changes the points and Ryan backs away quickly but Thomas bravely begins to push the dynamite forwards. Thomas chases Ryan with the dynamited trucks while being observed by the Fat Controller. Thomas quickly gives Ryan a bump in order to push him into a siding and once the shunter changed the points Thomas charged the trucks towards the Cavern and the dynamite falls into the Cavern and explodes inside. Thomas is heralded a hero by Ryan, Marion and the Pack. However the Fat Controller is annoyed and believes that Thomas was up to no good again. Despite Thomas' explanations the Fat Controller refuses to believe him and sends him to his shed and tells the others to get back to work. Due to their being no dynamite work on the Branchline is much harder, however Marion discovers a Box in her shovel but she finds that there is no-one she can speak too about it as the pack have returned home. But Shining Armor and Cadance have had enough of Sir Topham Hatt's unreasonableness and decide to pay him a visit. When they show up at his office, they try to be nice at first, but Sir Topham Hatt still continues to be unreasonable, which Shining Armor snaps. He then scolds Sir Topham Hatt for his unreasoning towards Thomas and how he refuses to let him explain his story. Cadance then explains what really happened with the dynamite, which Sir Topham Hatt is feels bad for. Then Candace states that she, Shining Armor, and everyone else are leaving the next day. And they're taking Thomas back to Equestria with them. Sir Topham Hatt Protests about this, but Cadance states that he is not in the position to tell her what to do, since she's a princess and then adds that Princess Celestia would never scold Thomas for having such accidents. They then leave, which leaves Sir Topham Hatt to think about what they said.

Later that night when Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver and Ryan are asleep Thomas wakes up and sees Sailor John and Skiff heading towards the Cavern and follows them there, now convinced that they are his new friends. Sailor John is delighted to see Thomas claiming that he'd be really useful to which Skiff points out especially when they loose wind power, Thomas then inquires about if Sailor John found the shovels but Sailor John replies with a simple yes and points out the direction of the Treasure and asks Thomas to be the sail in the wind while the song 'We make a Team Together' is heard in the background. Once they find the position Thomas and Skiff help to move a boulder out of the way and Sailor John starts to dig but his shovel breaks leading Thomas and Skiff to fetch some more and they continue to work until the early hours of the morning. By sunrise Sailor John is annoyed that he's dug everywhere but there is no sign of the Treasure and this leads him to think that Thomas told someone else as only him, Skiff and Thomas laid eyes on the map and he's been 24/7 with Skiff. Skiff quickly points out that daylight has risen and they need to go and while boarding him, Sailor John threatens Thomas that this is not the end and if he has told anyone, Thomas will be in trouble, leading Thomas to have different view on Sailor John and again notices a worried expression on Skiff. Once Sailor John and Skiff have left, Marion wakes up and remembers the box and sees Thomas puffing along so excitedly rushes over to tell Thomas about her find but crashes into him causing the shovel to open and the box to open when falling on Thomas. Thomas is amazed to see that Marion had found the treasure and Marion is delighted claiming her wish came true and even the pack are surprised. The Fat Controller amazed by the treasure claims he'll put in the Sodor museum and congratulates Marion calling her a really useful steam shovel. He then sends Ryan to the docks to collect some more dynamite whereas Thomas is sent to take construction waste to the dump.

As Thomas continues his Journey he is confused to see Henry rushing past afraid of the lost pirate. After turning a bend he is shocked to come face to face with Sailor John and Skiff. Sailor John demands about the treasure's whereabouts and Thomas explains how the Fat Controller will put it in a museum, which causes Sailor John to be outraged that it's going in a museum and it belongs to him. Skiff is surprised as Sailor John told him that they'd put the treasure in a museum but Sailor John inadvertently reveals that he was a descendant of the lost Pirate so needs the treasure for himself after being kicked out of the Navy and demands Thomas return the treasure to him. Thomas refuses claiming that the treasure wasn't Sailor John's or the Pirate's so needs to go into the museum and moves forward. Sailor John angrily claims he won't pushed around but doesn't realise that a sailboat with wheels even with a strong sailor on board is no match for a 52 tonne Tank Engine. Thomas pushes them angrily siding leading Skiff to apologise to him and Sailor John to angrily have a tantrum over the treasure. Thomas then goes to Mr. Great White and apologizes for not listening to him about Sailor John. And then tells him about the treasure. While passing through Knapford Station Thomas hears the Fat Controller in his office speaking on the phone with the manager of the Sodor Museum. He discovers that the treasure is actually 16th century which he describes as incredible but also hears about the whereabouts of Sailor John and Skiff. Therefore he decides to put the treasure in the safe as there it will be safest and will be prevented from being stolen by Sailor John. After delivering the trucks of construction waste Thomas returns to the new branch-line and he is constantly wondering whether the treasure will be safe in the Fat Controller's safe overnight. But Mr. Great White knows that it won't. Just then Ryan who is waiting in the shed pleasantly greets Thomas and for the first time Thomas pleasantly greets him back. Ryan deeply thanks Thomas for saving him from the dynamite claiming Thomas was very brave for doing that and apologises for getting Thomas in trouble. Thomas realising Ryan's kindness claims that he should be sorry for not telling Ryan about the bad coal. Ryan tells Thomas it wasn't his fault and welcomes him to the shed. Thomas however refuses claiming he'll stay in Knapford just in case leaving Ryan confused about the case.

Thomas, The Eds, Great White, Cadance, Shining Armor, Catdog, the beavers, Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, And Stormfly find a place behind one of the Knapford Buildings at 12:10am out of sight where they could keep watch in case Sailor John and Skiff come into view. (as Mr. GW sets up a stake-out position). At 2:35am Thomas finally falls fast asleep when Sailor John and Skiff enter Knapford. After stopping at platform 1 they keep out of sight of Henry who just happens to be passing with the flying kipper. Sailor John then makes his way towards the Fat Controller's office and uses dynamite to blast through the door and the safe vault which wakes Thomas and the others. Skiff now annoyed says that he doesn't want any more part in Sailor John's activity but Sailor John stamps on him and tells him to keep his mouth shut, Thomas yells at them to stop but can do nothing as his fire went out and there was not enough steam leading Sailor John and Skiff to take an initial lead. But Mr. GW still had some steam, so he and the others give chase as Hiccup and Astrid take to the skies. Later at Tidmouth Sheds Annie wakes to see Henry rushing down the track frightened followed by a white boat and claims she's having a strange dream. Clarabel agrees and then both hear Thomas and Mr. GW racing after the white ship yelling for them to stop. Sailor John and Skiff race past the first junction and just as they do the signal turns red as Gordon rushes through with the express, this leads Thomas to race forward just avoiding being in a collision with Gordon. After blasting through Henry's tunnel, Thomas sees the pirate ship and realises that Sailor John wants to use the ship as extra wind power speed as well as stealing it for himself. Skiff shouts 'too fast' as Sailor John releases the anchor as Thomas struggles to catch up. While Mr. Great White is just keeping up, trying to cut the ropes between Skiff and the ship. Meanwhile Ryan is puffing through Arlesdale Junction what Thomas meant by the word 'in case' when he suddenly spots the Pirate Ship and races backwards shouting Pirates. This wakes Rex, Bert and Mike who then hear Thomas' Whistle. Sailor John mocks them but the three Arlesdale Engines push their ballast trucks onto the line, the Pirate Ship hits these slowing Sailor John and Skiff down leading to Sailor John cursing the Arlesdale Engines. He then removes the rope attaching the ship to Skiff which Ryan catches on his buffer, He then brakes hard until he hits the buffer and the 72 tonne Tank Engine causes the massive Pirate Ship to topple over. Sailor John curses Ryan as he and Skiff race-away whereas Thomas praises Ryan and the Arlesdale Engines as he continues to chase Sailor John and Skiff.

As dawn breaks over Arlesburgh Harbour Thomas still giving chase tries to tell Skiff to brake but Skiff can't, Sailor John then starts throwing several objects such as a shovel and Skiff's anchor at Thomas. Sailor John, now losing it, grabs a dynamite, which frightens Thomas, who begins to brake but before Sailor John can throw it at Thomas, Mr. Great White hits the side of Skiff, causing the dynamite to hit a rock and explode. Thomas then tries to bumps Skiff, who tells him to as this will derail him, but Sailor John grabs an ore and starts to wack Thomas in the face with it, annoyed that Skiff is trying to help Thomas. Cadance tries to apprehend John but is knocked out, and then she falls onto Skiff. Thomas gives Skiff a harder bump causing Skiff and Sailor John the shorter track towards the sea whereas Thomas is diverted onto the longer track which goes past Arlesburgh Village. Sailor John now mocks Thomas claiming he'd 'treasure the good times they'd had' and forces Skiff forwards towards the sea. Thomas now upset suddenly spots that his track crosses with Sailor John's and Skiff's so accelerates forward to meet them at the crossing. Despite Sailor John trying his best both Thomas and Skiff reach the crossing at the same time, causing Thomas to bump Skiff so that both are on the same track facing each other. Suddenly the others realize that the track ends up in the sea and shout to Thomas. Thomas brakes hard but too late, Skiff glides into the Sea whereas Thomas' driver and fireman jump clear as Thomas splashes into the Sea and slowly begins to sink. Sailor John now triumphant in victory starts sail away, despite Skiff pleading that he helps Thomas, Sailor John continues to sail away telling Skiff, no more mutiny. Suddenly strong waves start pushing Skiff around and Skiff starts to take in water, Sailor John yells at him pathetically even though Skiff explains that the Treasure is causing them to Sink and pleads Sailor John throws it overboard but the mad Sailor refuses to do so and forces Skiff forward. Skiff then spots an enormous wave which causes him to overturn and causes Sailor John, Cadance, and the Treasure to fall into the sea. Sailor John grasps onto the treasure but it begins to drag him so deep underwater that eventually he has no choice but to let it go. While Cadance sinks to the bottom, Mr Great White quickly dives in the water. Thomas and the others look on in horror not being able to spot Skiff, Cadance, Great White, or Sailor John when suddenly Skiff upside down appears on the surface of the water and Sailor John also reaches the Surface upset that he has lost his treasure. but there is still no sign of Cadance and Great White. Shining Armor then assumes the worst and begins to weep that he lost his wife. But then Great White emerges from the water with Cadance! He then gets back to ground and then he revives Cadance.

The next morning the police and Captain arrive to arrest Sailor John and put in prison for the rest of his life, while Thomas is rescued by Duck, Rocky and Ryan. He then spots the Fat Controller who he assumes will be cross at him for losing the Treasure. However the Fat Controller is pleased knowing that Thomas did his absolute best to stop Sailor John and that the treasure is nothing compared to his Engines and that Thomas is his number 1 he also apologizes for his unreasoning. And then praises the others for helping Thomas. Eventually the new branch line is completed from Arlesburgh Harbour to Harwick and Marion and the Pack are pleased as they helped build the new line. Just then Oliver and Toad pull up alongside Marion leading Marion to be confused into believing that there can't be two Olivers too which both reply that there can be before being shushed by Donald and Douglas who spot Thomas coming round the corner with Annie and Clarabel who are pleased to be back with Thomas. The Fat Controller steps out of Annie and announces how proud he is of the new branch line, He then mentions that Ryan will be in charge of the goods traffic on the branch line and a very special friend will look after the passengers. Thomas is initially confused as he knows he has his own Branch Line but the Fat Controller reveals that he was referring to Daisy the Diesel Railcar who pulls up alongside Thomas while admiring herself as the Fat Controller declares the Branchline open while him, Lady HattDowager HattSteven and BridgetSir Robert Norramby and the Thin Clergyman board Annie and Clarabel. Thomas is again confused as he expects the Fat Controller to cut the ribbon but he actually reveals that Thomas is going to before shouting 'Full Steam Ahead'. Thomas replies this and cuts the ribbon too open the new branch line while him, Mr. Great White, Daisy, Ryan, Oliver, Toad, Donald, Douglas, Duck, Rocky and Marion puff along the new line while the song 'We make a Team Together' is replayed. Along the branch-line they spot Bertie who gets stopped by Sheep, Skiff who has new paint, new wheels and a line all too himself and Captain and Two Divers who recover the treasure. A montage is then shown before Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, Great White, The Eds, Cadance, Shining Armor, Catdog, the beavers, Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless, and Stormfly join Skiff at Arlesburgh Harbour overlooking the Fireworks. The song 'Never Overlook a Little Engine' is played during the end credits.


  • Angry Beavers, Catdog, Shining Armor, Cadance, Mr. Great White, Sharky, Willy, Mako, J.J. Steamy, Puffy, Evan, Puffy, Falcon, Timber, Splinter, and Chomper, Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and Stormfly guest star in this film.
  • It's revealed that Mr. Great White once knew Sailor John



  1. Never Overlook a Little Engine
  2. You Are A Pirate - Mr. Great White
  3. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) - Mr. Great White
  4. (when Shining Armor and Cadance talk to Sir Topham Hatt)
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Carriage Chase (during the chase scene)

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