This is how the scene for meeting Eddy's brother and seeing his true colors goes in Thomas, Twilight, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy's Big Picture show.

[Eddy climbs the steps to the trailer.]

Eddy: "Super sweet!"

[Eddy is about to knock when a hand grips his shoulder and yanks him away.]

Lee: [hugging him] "Your knights in shining armor have arrived!"

Hugs: Oh come on! ARE YOU KIDDING?!

Thomas: Cinders and Ashes! Who are those 3?

T.C.: The Kanker Sisters.

Twilight: Kanker Sisters?

Hugs: Three annoying girls who have crushes on the Eds.

J.J.: They also stalk them.

Fluttershy: Oh my.

Russell Ferguson: That's disturbing.

Edd: [shocked] "May? Lee? Marie?"

Marie: "We got your back, cutie-pie." [She empties the wagon of its cargo: Kevin, Nazz, and Rolf.]

Rolf: "Double D Ed-boy?"

Kevin: "It's the dorks! And those cartoon engines! Huh? And more trains, magical ponies too?

Minka Mark: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

[the 3 gasp]

Kevin: Did that monkey just talk?

Rolf: (noticing Dusty) A crop duster?

Kevin: Hey, it's Vanellope von Shweetz from that Sugar Rush game! And Wreck-it Ralph from the game Fix-it Felix Jr.?

Eddy: [shocked] "What are they doing here? What are you doing here?"

Lee: "Taking care of our boyfriends."

May: [to Ed] "They were chasing you to beat you up!"

Marie: "Yeah!" [She pins Edd against the trailer.] "No one beats up our little love muffins!"

Edd: [sweating profusely] "Yes. I mean no. What? Yes?"

Steamy: Gals, if you were tryin' ta pratect the Eds, THEN WHY IN SAN JUAN HILL DID YOU BRING THE JERKS HER'?!?!?!

Lee: Huh, I never thought of that.

Marie: That oldie engine has a point.

Evan: Wait, where's Jonny and Plank? They wer' chasin' the Eds too. Weren't they?

Zip: Maybe they're lost?

Rattlesnake Jake: Naw, they probobly took the scenic route.

Shai-Shay: Say, wasn't Rolf riding a pig?

[A pig squeals.]

Rolf: "Wilfred!" [He sits up.] "Is that you?"

[Wilfred arrives in a break between stands.]

Sarah: [following him in] "I swear if he eats one more corn dog off the ground, I'll–"

Marie: "Look! It's those twerps!"

Ed: [joyous] "Baby sister!"

Sarah: [annoyed] "Jeepers, Ed, you're still in one piece!"

Jimmy: [gasp!] Sarah, look! Do you see, what I see?! Real-live unicorns, pegasi, and cute ponies!! And a little dragon too!

Sarah: Oh my, you're right Jimmy! But look at the gorgeous, pink unicorn! She has wings!

Mucker: She's normally called an "Alicorn".

Steam Claw D: She's also a princess.

Sarah: A PRINCESS?! That's so cool! And there's some cutie little animals too!

Applejack: Who are them 2 youngin's?

Steamy: The bratty, red head: Sarah. Ed's younger sister. But don't be fooled by her looks.

Hugs: She's kinda got a bit of short tempered rage. And is a bit of a control freak. A psychotic, control freak.

Sunil Nevla: Oh dear, I do not like the sound of that!

Puffy: The fluffy headed kid with the retainer hoop: Jimmy. Sarah's best friend, and a completely, cowardly wimp.

Evan: He's also the weakest.

Jimmy: "Did we miss the Eds beating?"

Kevin: [slips an arm out] "Nope!" [He grabs Eddy's leg.] "You're just in time."

[shotgun blast]

Kevin: YOEWCH!! [looks at his arm which is badly injured] My arm! [looks towards the engines]

Steamy: [has deployed his shotgun which the barrel's smoking] No one's beatin' anyone!

[guns cocking, then all our heroes point their guns at the group]

Willy: If anyone tries anything funny, we'll open fire!

Marshall P.F.: [cocking his own gun] And don;t think you lot will be getiin' away scot free! You still have several other charges on your plates. As far I'm concerned, I have the right to arrest you lot for attempted murder, thievery, 1st degree of pyshical abuse, and blackmail! (indicating Sarah and Jimmy) And that goes for you 2 youngin's too!

Eddy: [he turns to the crowd.] "In your dreams, shovel-chin. Tell you what, why don't you–" [standing by the trailer] "–talk to my bro! He lives here, you know."

Nazz: [gagged] "Hmm?"

Kevin: "No way."

Rolf: "Could this be true?"

Lee: "Get in line, girls."

Applejack: Eeyup, he lives in that ther' trailer.

Eddy: So tell him how you're gonna beat up his little bro."

[Eddy knocks on the door. It creaks open a few inches, revealing that it is bolted numerous times.]

Eddy's Brother: "Park don't open till noon."

Eddy: [awestruck, to Edd] "I told you he's a whiz at telling time!"

Eddy's Brother: "Pipsqueak?"

Eddy: "Bro!" [moving Edd aside] "Look out!"

Eddy's Brother: "Do Mom and Dad know you're here?"

Eddy: "As if!"

Eddy's Brother: "Anyone know you're here?"

Eddy: "Only these chumps who chased us here! And some friends who tagged along.

Eddy's Brother: "Just a sec." [He unbolts the door and steps out.] "Aren't those ankle-biters from the cul-de-sac?"

Eddy: "Yeah! And they wanna beat me up! All for nothin'!"

[Eddy's Brother turns his tinted sunglasses towards the kids.]

Kevin: "He's lookin' at you, Rolf. Later."

[Kevin ducks behind him. Eddy's brother removes his shades.]

Eddy's Brother: "All for nothin', huh?" [He picks up Eddy.] "Still the troublemakin' Eddy, I see." [He gives Eddy a noogie.]

Eddy: [chuckling] "Stop it, bro!"

Ed: "I smell my fingers after I eat cheese."

Twilight: Um... Hello?

Eddy: "Um, I told the guys you'd put us up." [gesturing to them] "Ed, Double D, our friends from Cartoon World, some Equestrian ponies, a few trains, videogame characters, a girl and her animal friends, and a crop duster.

Eddy's Brother: Hey, you're that Crop Duster's Dusty Crophopper. I saw you win that Wings Around the Globe race on TV, nice goin'. Congrats.

Dusty Crophopper: Uh, thanks.

Edd: [starstruck, holding out his hand to shake] "I guthink it's very wuh ah ooh..." [He swoons.]

Minka Mark: Hyai, Mr. Eddy's brother!

Buttercream Sunday: It is an honor to meetcha!

Eddy Brother: Well, whatda ya know? Talking animals, sweet.

Vanellope: Hey there, sir. Nice to meet you!

Eddy's Brother: [laughing] "Why's your girlfriend got candy stuck in her hair?"

Eddy: [confused] "Girlfriend?"

Vanellope: Girlfriend? Hey, don'tcha think I'm a bit young to have a boyfriend? I mean, I'm only 9 years old!

Eddy's Brother: "Yeah, sure. I'll help you out." [The Eds grin.]

Eddy: [awestruck] "Really? Aw, bro, what'd I do without you!" [He hugs his big brother tightly.] "You are so my hero!"

Ed: [hugging Edd] "Happy place, Double D, happy place!"

Uray: Mission accomplished.

Jimmy: "Isn't it touching, Sarah? It's like a fairy tale come true!"

Kevin: [as the kids untie one another] "Eddy and his two stooges got away with their lives, man. And we got burned again."

Eddy: [offscreen] "Bro no!"

Eddy's Brother: "Just for old times' sake, let's play...Uncle."

Eddy: [unhappy] "Uncle?"

Percy: Uncle?

Eddy's Brother: [throwing Eddy down] "Wanna crash at my place, don'tcha?"

Eddy: "That's why we came all the way–Uncle! Uncle!" [Eddy's brother is twisting his leg into a spiral.] "Uncle!"

Eddy's Brother: "Say what?"

Eddy: "Uncle! Uncle! Uncle uncle!"

Rarity: [shrieks] Oh, dear!

Dusty: [gasps]

Skarloey: What are you doing to Eddy?!

[Eddy's brother sets Eddy down and laughs as Eddy spins uncontrollably. When Eddy finishes, his big brother grabs him.]

Eddy's Brother: "That was good, Pipsqueak."

Eddy: "So can we go inside now?"

Eddy's Brother: [stroking his goatee] "Why not?" [sadistically] "Don't forget to wipe your feet."

[Eddy gets thrown against the door to the trailer. He bounces off, back to his brother, and the torture is repeated. This happens numerous times as everyone watches, shocked.]

Zoe Trent: Oh, I can't watch this! (covers her face her beret)

T.C.: I can't believe it, Eddy's brother's a complete abusive jerk!

Duncan: You mean we came all this way only for Eddy to be physical beaten by his own brother?!

Scootaloo: And to his own younger brother of all things!

Shining Armor: What kind of brother is he?!

Nazz: "Dude. Eddy's brother is a real jerk."

Mako: Tell me about it.

Blythe Baxter:

Russell Ferguson: Oh man! He's just as bad as the Biscuit twins!

Penny Ling: He can't treat Eddy like that!

Sunil Nevla: No sibling deserves this!

Vinnie Terrio: